NOTE: EE 1.2 and 1.5 are discontinued. I encourage all EE 1.X users to upgrade to 2.04 as soon as possible.

Exhibit Engine 2

Free personal online photo gallery program with professional features, speed and design.

Digital camera boom has made people aware of their creativity. Wonderful photographs are being taken every second (or 8.5 times a second, depending on your camera) around the world. After spending a while with a digital camera you have plenty of photos you want to share to public and your friends and relatives. You'll need a tool to present them as neatly as possible in internet, securily for selected audiences. How the gallery system works, how the photos are presented and how enjoyably they can be found and browsed is essential to success of your gallery. There are dozens of gallery programs and photo sharing services out there, but nothing comes close to power, professional style and flexibility of Exhibit Engine 2 (EE) on your own web server.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Web server with plenty of disk space for photos, MySQL server with LOCK PRIVILEGES set on for user (4.1 or 5.x recommended, sold separately) and PHP installed (4.1.0 or newer, 5.x recommended), FTP access to localhost and http access in and out. Imagemagick (recommended), NETPBM or GD2 graphics libraries are supported for image resizing.

Browse demonstration gallery (my own photos).


I fully admit that setting up EE the first time might not be the easiest task out there for those uninitiated (although EE 2 is much easier than EE 1.5), you will need to learn couple of new concepts and have open mind how things work. After all is set up the daily usage is a breeze.

Exhibit Engine is very reliable and server friendly. My own EE (from version 1.0 to 2.04) has served 20 million photos without a single problem in . EE is my pet project which has been going on for several years, and EE 2.0 is result of hard work and planning to make the best even better. So why not just download it a try it out. It is free to use.


EE 2.04 complete, packaged by Picman with instructions , see this forum post .