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  1. Sigma 18-50mm 2.8, Canon 135mm 2L - pics from Rock Concert, Opinions?
  2. low light candid and concert lens
  3. Live Entertainment: Pricing for "Flying in for a Concert"
  4. Lens for concert
  5. best lense for low light concert photography
  6. Advice needed for concert pictures
  7. What to bring to a concert tonight
  8. UWA for Concert Photography
  9. f/2.8 fast enough for rock concert?
  10. Low light concert :-)
  11. Concert Photography - fast zooms
  12. Live Orchestra Concert
  13. Concert Photography Tips: A FAQ Perhaps
  14. Lens for concert
  15. Canon 28mm 1.8 vs 24mm 1.4 vs 15mm 2.8 Fisheye for concert venue
  16. Who are you shooting tonight/this weekend?
  17. What lens(es) to use for Concert Photography with Digital EOS XT
  18. Concert Photography Lenses
  19. Concert lenses...
  20. lenses for portraits and concert photography?
  21. Best lens for live concert?
  22. Concert Lens Help?
  23. House of Blues A.C. Concert Lens
  24. Best lens for concert photography
  25. Best Lense for Concert Close-Ups?
  26. EF 70-200mm f/4L IS -- my concert lens?
  27. Concert Lenses
  28. What performing artist would you most want to photograph?
  29. concert lens
  30. Q: Best concert setting for S2?
  31. Canon Rebel XTI, good lens for concert please?
  32. Concert settings
  33. Best wide prime lens for concerts?
  34. Concert Wide Angle Lens HELP?
  35. concert photography
  36. Three Song Rule...
  37. The Killers - (have their own photographer)
  38. sigma 20mm f1.8 performance for concert shoots?
  39. Is f2.8 sufficient for concert photography on a 5D?
  40. Concert photography
  41. Young & European PA photographers: Lex van Rossen Awards
  42. <Performing Arts> Warped Tour question: Waiver
  43. Canon XTI - Picture of Marching Band
  44. Just want to share your photos? See here!
  45. College concerts
  46. Shooting band gigs
  47. 5D Mk II and Concerts
  48. Canon 200m f/2 L IS lens for concerts
  49. Lens Help - For Live music
  50. Dressing room photos
  51. Color Correction - how far do you go...?
  52. Discussion paper on predatory "photographers agreements"
  53. Pre-concert photoshoot - help needed
  54. nightlife / indoor event- best lens?
  55. What is your most used concert lens?
  56. 50 1.4 or 85 1.8 for concerts (with 40D)
  57. Is this normal?
  58. gig bags?
  59. To stroboframe or not to stroboframe.
  60. how many prints do people actually sell?
  61. Question for German Gig Photogs
  62. Charging for photo usage on a band's web site
  63. Crop Vs FF for concerts?
  64. Park concert-Monopod vs. Tripod & POV question
  65. AF points?
  66. Favorite Performer/Group and Favorite Subject(s)?
  67. Which lens Canon 17-55mm or 24-70mm?
  68. So i'm shooting Steven Tyler tonight
  69. Dealing with mostly red lighting on stage.
  70. Anyone have concert pics using the sigma 30/1.4?
  71. Thinking of renting a lens for a small concert... (Suggestions?)
  72. Noob help with lighting?
  73. Small College Gym, BIG Name Act, Student Photog, Help!
  74. Need some advice on an upcoming event
  75. Lens/body combo for Concert - should I have kept the 135L?
  76. To prime or not to prime, that is the question.
  78. new website for my concert photography biz
  79. Website taking forever/not putting up my photos?
  80. My 135L Review
  81. Need some help.
  82. Some advice for shooting a conference!
  83. Halloween Parade - Need Advise
  84. Group pictures of rock/alt band at a bowling alley
  85. Gig photography - the odd one out
  86. AI servo for concerts?
  87. Well done Kalle
  88. Worth upgrading from 350D to 40D?
  89. Some tips for a low light venue & flash use please...
  90. Can you copy/steal/ripoff these?
  91. Taylor Swift's new lead guitarist Paul Sidoti...
  92. I Got Thrown Out...
  93. Reprocessing your archives
  94. Performing arts and the Economy
  95. Heineken Music update
  96. canon 50d
  97. Sam Roberts Concert
  98. If you have photographed Slipknot recently your photos may be on this site
  99. Metallica in New Orleans problem
  100. body choice
  101. over the head shots
  102. Technical Help! Staged band photo's
  103. fixing high iso
  104. i would like to take such shots
  105. Behind the scenes Band shoots
  106. Neet to see some promo shots.
  107. Jazz Band Shoot - Need some advice
  108. attn: Brisbane photographers
  109. Want to improve my concert pictures skills
  110. Who's getting a 5DM2 for concert photography?
  111. Sigma 24-70 - for concerts reviews?
  112. Best Lense and Specs to Shoot this kind of Photo?
  113. Canon 135mm f2.0 or Canon 70-200mm f2.8
  114. New to Concert Photography!
  115. Advice for first time concert attempt
  116. Has anyone tried the 50D yet?
  117. What am I doing wrong -- examples from Local H, Electric 6
  118. AI Servo problems with 40D
  119. Using rear/second curtain sync for effect
  120. Remote Strobes for Concerts
  121. Just got Canon EF-S 10mm-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM
  122. need advice
  123. Manual focus screen for concert photography
  124. How do you get working for a publication?
  125. New to events
  126. Why do we get treated like dummies?
  127. First gig - need some advice
  128. Volume III Performing Arts Poll
  129. Gelling Strobes
  130. Getty buys Redferns
  131. Please help, I am worried
  132. It's a start...
  133. Ballet @ CIC - Florianópolis SC (Brasil) - Critique Please
  134. Christmas Show Tips
  135. What to sacrifice first for sharpness / IQ
  136. Happy Beginner!
  137. to the guys who use flash
  138. Small Venues and Focal Length
  139. Bands, Promo Photography Photo Link
  140. Cropping ratios
  141. How was this effect accomplished?
  142. Soft & Bland 40D - Profile Tweaking
  143. Rolling Stone best live photos for the year
  144. 2008: A year in photos
  145. 135L for Concerts
  146. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
  147. Do you use filters during concerts ?
  148. Anyone using Comcast having trouble uploading photos?
  149. Amateur with possible paid Nightclub gig. What gear priority?
  150. Brisbane photographers?
  151. Promo shoot help
  152. Getting promo shoots booked...
  153. Off Camera Flash For Nightclub Photos?
  154. Reducing bokeh?
  155. First time shooting a band, indoors. Looking for a push in the right direction.
  156. Shooting a Local Band (430 EX)
  157. What do you do when an artist requests your photos?
  158. Concert/band/Performer Stock
  159. Taking Concert pics
  160. Metallica
  161. Your favourite moments when shooting a show...
  162. atlanta shooters - ? re: The Masquerade
  163. adjustment to camera for large photos?
  164. Concert Dream Set Up
  165. They'll let me shoot!!!
  166. The way it should be...
  167. 2009... can it get any better?
  168. Music Press Directory
  169. Photo delivery?
  170. Fisheye
  171. Anyone have any Fish-eye concert pics?
  172. Smokey shot images
  173. Small club recommendation
  174. Need some equip advice (to FF or not to FF?)
  175. The Sonar in Baltimore
  176. how many times have you stopped shooting before the 3rd song was over?
  177. What sites do you use to find bands on tour?
  178. Taking band photos
  179. How did YOU get started? How do I?
  180. intrigued by the idea of using strobes
  181. Time to give it a try
  182. Press Passes
  183. Any Dead Heads here?
  185. now that 3200 is more than usable...
  186. Data Storage/Management, Disc Space, Archiving...?
  187. Shooting with no stage light?
  188. I Am A Failure!
  189. lingerie show tips?
  190. Anybody entering the Billboard Photo of the Year contest
  191. Lighting High School stage
  192. Interesting story
  193. Looking for help
  194. Shutter too LOUD?
  195. Settings in a dark venue?
  196. Which Lens for Bar Gigs?
  197. How to Photograph a band
  198. press pass, what should i do? help
  199. Veteran Brisbane/ South East Queensland music photographers
  200. ISO/low light band gig help!
  201. First time shooting live bands....
  202. Shooting for a promoter/venue
  203. What Do People Really Think About Night Club Photography?
  204. House of Blues - Boston - A Gripe
  205. how much to charge for a photo to be used in promotional materials
  206. Dance Studios - what to offer for prints, etc?
  207. Post your 40D with 17-55 IS shots
  208. Shooting Coldplay? Be careful...
  209. Question Regarding a Photo Pass Agreement.
  210. U2, Boston...Who's in?
  211. Help - I don't like my photography!
  212. Runway Photography.
  213. How to sell images?
  214. First time club shot
  215. Shooting Concert Question
  216. Anyone ever shoot at the Indianapolis Arts Garden?
  217. Letting them use the photos in return for a pass?
  218. Help with a small show
  219. Settings for local show?
  220. Lighting advice please.
  221. New and need help!!
  222. To "WB" or not to "WB?
  223. shooting a concern in black light
  224. Help! I am shooting dancers tonight and i am clueless!
  225. AF Assist beam at gigs???
  226. Band/Musicians photography
  227. Photographing Big Name Musicians
  228. Another equipment question
  229. Tour Photographers?
  230. Best Canon for low High-ISO noise?
  231. Film camera (Canon EOS) experiences?
  232. stage shooting, low light
  233. Sigma 70-200mm 2.8
  234. Getting a press pass?
  235. Interview with veteran rock photographer Tony Mott
  236. "One Song" Limit - Lens Strategy ?
  237. 3 songs and out
  238. Classical Mucic Photography. What are the rules? Live concert shoot.
  239. Concert Photography-How many pictures do you take?
  240. First time concert shooting.
  241. Avoiding Overblown Backgrounds (Daylight)
  242. Bringing Photography Equipment into the Madison Square Garden (NYC)
  243. Shooting a concert on Friday
  244. fashion show, scared!
  245. Flash and ISO settings for dance theater shots
  246. Photo Pass question / complaint
  247. What should I chare? What kind of licensing agreement to use?
  248. GQ Germany Cover Pricing?
  249. My first festival! Woot!
  250. Lens for child's dance recital??