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  1. Canon 7D And Canon VIXIA HFR100 On Same FCP Timeline Help
  2. G10 or HMC40
  3. First video with Canon T3i
  4. Who say Iso 1250 is not good LOL ?
  5. First foray into video!
  6. Jag35 Monitor X
  7. Timelapse Video with a 600D
  8. Editing AVCHD in Ulead Video studio 11
  9. feedback request on video (600d)
  10. Video color saturation
  11. Time Lapse
  12. DLSR stick stabilizer ?
  13. Kirk McDowall - Dust, Roots and Loam
  14. Codecs, file formats, and wrappers: I'm confused
  15. Using IS During video recording?
  16. First shot at time lapse
  17. 1st attempt at time lapse, would love suggestions
  18. Cheap, easy setup for taking video while driving?
  19. Need help with proper software
  20. Magic Bullet
  21. Cumbria - postcard fun
  22. Football Highlights - Gear info
  23. T3i and Merlin
  24. Epic+Canon 600mm lens=....Epic
  25. Cop for a day..... Clint Ewing a good friend of mine
  26. How do you make your time lapse videos?
  27. 7D Hiking Video
  28. First Time Lapse attempt
  29. Microscope Video - Polarized Sand - Acrylic Plastic - Mica Effects
  30. How to do quick edits
  31. Lame Timelapse ... Just sharing ;)
  32. Basic video/photography questions on 5D mark ii
  33. Upgrading my editing workstation or buying better lenses?
  36. First DSLR Video - Subaru STI Looking for Feedback
  37. First My First Video Attempts on 5D II. Some thoughts...
  38. 2nd DSLR Video - Looking for some Feedback
  39. Full length indie flick shot on 7d
  40. Looking for Feedback - Cinematography Reel
  41. What are YOUR Magic Lantern Settings on T2i/T3i?
  42. Best lenses and settings to use with T3i at 24fps
  44. Show us your homemade rigs!
  45. Why am I not able to download MVI files from A630?
  46. a couple of tips on 600d t3i video..
  47. Formatting the SD card?
  48. How to implement professional digital video, Steve Poster
  49. First car video, critique?
  50. First wedding video! check it ouy
  51. Video editor for a newbie
  52. Timelape- St. Augustine to Orlando, FL in 2 min
  53. Cool Video on Shooting Weddings
  54. Venting- new music video
  55. First Video with my 60d
  56. We, The Chosen "What Your Eyes Said" music video
  57. Scunthorpe Documentary.
  58. 60d first video attempt
  59. aWingThing.Com - Our Third Video
  60. website template? videos
  61. Time-lapse video question
  62. Urgently Need Premiere Pro CS4
  63. Looking to expand my video rig... Lenses,nd filters, etc...
  64. Canon EOS 60D Video Tests.
  65. Audio Synchronization Methods
  66. Best Manfrotto set for HDSLR video?
  67. AwesomeFest Extreme Sports Festival 2011
  68. Wedding Video - 5d/7d + Fusion
  69. Quick PP question.
  70. Cool Video on Stabilizers
  71. First Wedding.
  72. PNY memory card issues..
  73. Gone Fishing Video - 3rd DSLR Attempt
  74. Puzzled by Fuzzy T3i Video on YouTube
  75. Short T3i Film - Tropical Textures
  76. A couple of noob questions
  77. Funny Lion King Stuff
  78. Need help rotating video
  79. what codec for avi conversion?
  80. Is the T2i Good for Green Screen Work?
  82. Half of my heart
  83. Question about shutter speed
  84. US Open of Surfing Video
  85. Canon S95 Underwater Footage
  86. New Cam, Help with Video??
  87. Cameras and high humidity
  88. If your an underbudget filmmaker... read this
  89. tricky shutter speed question on 600d video
  90. Did a quick DOF test 5D II vs Panasonic TM700
  91. Adobe Premiere help... importing MP4 video clips
  92. One video editor for .MTS (Canon Vixia) and .MP4 (GoPro) ? ...without conversions!
  93. Shooting video on a bright day with Prime lens question...
  94. Recording a Sunrise
  95. Help viewing videos
  96. Bought 50$ lens for video, Sigma Pantel 135mm f/2.8- f/64
  97. Final revisions: Music video
  98. What would you do..? 5Dm2 first paid video
  100. video help plz
  101. Good lens for film-making?
  102. canon ef 200mm 1.8
  103. recommended settings for 60D
  104. shooting welding sparks and the like
  105. Filming football codes with a DSLR
  106. Filming concerts with 5D2; poor audio with no audible vocals, what mic will fix this?
  107. First Skateboarding Montage
  108. Tips for an upcoming video shoot..
  109. First video post to forums. enjoy!
  110. RØDE Videomic Pro
  111. CS5
  112. 60D: How much time does it take for it to reboot the time limit?
  113. Behind the scenes of an architectureal shoot - from set to post processing
  114. Time lapse and PW multimax
  115. hwo does t3i video work?
  116. M1ONE Tshirt Commercial Video shot with my Canon T3i
  117. MacBook Pro Question
  118. 60d footage with pro biker, joe battaglia
  119. Need help picking a monitor
  120. Just Riding - 60d
  121. T2i DOF foreground and background subject video test
  122. Pausing in video mode T3i
  123. Serious Question: Which Glidecam is for me?
  124. Fun With Teleporting (Canon T2i)
  125. First shots with my new Kessler 8ft. Jib
  126. Can I use 7D footage alongside miniDV footage...
  127. Hurricane Irene Intercept in NC 8/27/11
  128. SX20 HD Video Editing Problems
  129. Best Upgrade for System
  130. Nepal, Himalaya Adeventure - time-lapse
  131. Lavelier Microphones - Need Help
  132. Cable to use on PA system.
  133. A night in the Land of Enchantment...
  134. Opinions please
  135. to colour correct or not and how much?
  136. Recoding Sports HELP
  137. t3i: can i use creative filters on video mode?
  138. Pubstep II
  139. Opinions about my video
  140. lens for flycam?
  141. Help me find a real live, hands on class for dslr video
  142. Jeff & Marissa Wedding Video- Good life
  143. need help with windows movie maker
  144. 60d footage with pro paintball team chicago aftershock
  145. Quick Comparison Question - Vintage Primes vs Fast Zoom
  146. great tips on using lavs
  147. Team Hybrid - Slammed Society Car show
  148. Camera Setup ?'s
  149. To glue or not to glue - VFs
  150. Timelapse......
  151. Should I get an external recorder vs. Rode VMP?
  152. Letus Hawk viewfinder
  153. adding images to video and they look blurred
  154. Lavelier Mics
  155. Motion 5
  156. Behind-the-Scenes fashion shoot with Bri & 60D
  157. Question about Adobe Premiere on Mac and PC
  158. Mini short of Chicago
  159. Mic for 60D
  160. Sunset at Golden Pond
  161. Manfrotto Monopod Question
  162. Recording audio in heavy bass environments?
  163. Mounting 7D to Sachtler FSB4
  164. Canon EOS T3i FootageTest
  165. S95 Underwater Video
  166. Teaser for a short film shot entirely on a 5D.
  167. Shot a music video about veterans struggle with PTSD - All feedback welcomed
  168. Wedding Video
  169. Live stream with bambuser using a 60D?
  170. Japan Expo 2011 Cosplay Videos.
  171. VW car show Waterfest 17
  172. test
  173. My First Short Edit | 7D + Dirt bike + Logs
  174. beginner question
  175. Video Through A Microscope
  176. Drifting Video on the 5D
  177. what software do you use?
  178. Real Life Mario Bet
  179. Help - Sunrise shot
  180. first commercial ive shot jaguar commercial
  181. What lens should I use to photograph an event?
  182. Time Lapse
  183. Playing It Safe - 5D Mark II Short Film
  184. Fig Rig?
  185. Amateur Music Video- Tips
  186. First Video with the 7D.... 25ft Waves!
  187. how to get audio? wedding ceremony
  188. How is the camera moving in this shot?
  189. "Strange things happen" - short film
  190. music or video first
  191. Jaguar XKR Video Edit
  192. Cheap Leap
  193. Fancy eating a fish.
  194. Surfing at Opal cliffs and a 60d
  195. How-To Youtube Videos - make anaglyph 3D video out of regular 2D footage (3 min)
  196. Free Z-Finder with purchase of Striker
  197. Sound sync
  198. My first video
  199. AwesomeFest Sideways Supplement
  200. corporate video release form?
  201. Lonestar Jeep Club's 2011 Colorado Trip Video
  202. Jeff & Marissa Short Film
  203. LED vs. Tungsten Lighting
  204. Promo Video for Clothing Line
  205. White balance on HFM30
  206. Our Second Wedding Video
  207. Someone isn't getting their L lens this week
  208. Berry (a short film)
  209. Canon xa 10
  210. Overheating Problem with Video?
  211. T2i/550d best video resources
  212. apple and final cut vs vegas
  213. Wing beats
  214. Canon T1i - Banding In Video
  215. Holiday Let Promo
  216. Camcorder question
  217. 7D + Glidecam Rocky MTN trip video / I need all of your help!!
  218. Acoustic Music Video? Idk what else to call it
  219. HV40 to Hyperdeck Shuttle issue
  220. Canon 7d vs Canon 5d Mark II video
  221. Symphony of Slow Motion... 1000FPS
  222. Not exactly a video. It's a gif...
  223. nice 5D aerial movie
  224. What will have the best sound?
  225. Shooting video with T2i?
  226. Dentist Promo Video - 4th Video Attempt
  227. Something a bit different
  228. Problem with Black Magic Shuttle...
  229. Badly synced video when converting from .MOV
  230. Victory Show
  231. Rode shotgun to boom possibiliies
  232. Zenfolio Now Hosts Video
  233. Update on DIY DSLR cage.
  234. Looking for an inexpensive teleprompter
  235. Video Forums
  236. Can you give me a 5 minute crash course :)
  237. Strobe Modelling Lights - Vide0
  238. 60sec 5d Mark ii ( amazing Color done in Final Cut Pro X)
  239. First video with t3i, shot at Disneyland
  240. Rebel t2i video length
  241. Sunset Time Lapse - 2000 photos in 30 seconds
  242. Video Noise Reduction - What tools to use?
  243. Need help!
  244. 7D makeshift Rig
  245. My Newest Wedding Video
  246. Is it possible to fit an AF Nikor 1:1.8d to canon 550d
  247. AE CS5 Render Times? 15hrs for 30min of video?
  248. Timelapses and Premiere Pro
  249. Recording video
  250. My 3rd Wedding Please Comment