View Full Version : WTB: canon 30D + canon 200EG backpack

20th of February 2011 (Sun), 18:26
Hey so I'm looking for a canon 200EG backpack and was wondering if anyone had one. I'd like to get this for sure!

As far as the 30D goes, I'd like to upgrade from my XT. But only if it's a decent deal. I'm looking for something thats in good condition. Reasonable shutter counter, and mainly the price is right. Let me know. thanks.

20th of February 2011 (Sun), 20:15
YOu Have PM!

20th of February 2011 (Sun), 21:37
Do you have private messages activated or is your box full? It doesnt look like my message has been delivered to you?

21st of February 2011 (Mon), 12:12
Dont know if your interested but I just put the following in local paper

Canon 50d with 28-135 lens = $950 / Macbook pro 17' 4gig ram $900.00 / Imac 900.00

Canopus ADVC-300 Video converter / 2 Panasonic DV30 3ccd video cameras with wireless mic system (lapel & hand) / Final cut studio in box with all books = All for $1500 ($5800 retail originally )

Dont know if that 50d is more than u want.............

21st of February 2011 (Mon), 21:51
PM Sent. Thanks.

23rd of February 2011 (Wed), 09:50
no more replies please. thank you.