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3rd of March 2011 (Thu), 02:51
I already have 2 speed lights, cheap china made strobe that looks like a bowens clone, a 24x24 softbox and 2 45" umbrellas. I've been wanting to upgrade for a while now to a larger softbox as the one I have works ok for headshots but more then that it just doesn't cut it and even with headshots it isn't always soft enough.

been looking around and found off B&H I can get a 40x40 for around 100 without the grid but then noticed on ebay there are more cheap china strobes for around 180 with a 36x40+grid. The other option is I can forget all that and instead get a much larger octobox off ebay but those make me a bit leary for some reason. I know these aren't considered great gear by many but the one I have does seem to do the job but unsure if it is worth investing in another cheapy strobe again or if 36x40 or even 40x40 is going to be that much different then 24x24.
would you all have any suggestions on this that might help me out a bit on what to do here?

3rd of March 2011 (Thu), 04:58
You either buy from a reputable supplier, with a known history


Roll the Dice and hope you win

My soft boxes I purchased from a known supplier, no biggie.
The have saved my strobes many times.
Wind or youngster or even a hyper mutt that goes ape after the flash, knock them over and down they go.
Dust them off and keep going. There built like tanks.

If you buy some that are cheap enough, replacing them may not be that bad.

Always remember " Murphy's Law " ( anything that can go wrong, will! The moment your not looking )

3rd of March 2011 (Thu), 17:37
yup murphy's law sucks and sadly I know that one far too well.

Just not sure on what to do though on this one. is it really worth it to buy another cheap strobe? so far the one I have has worked very well for what it is and even more so with me being the second owner of the bugger. or should I just keep the single strobe though and get a larger softbox?

also is there really going to be much difference between a 24x24 vs a 36x40 or a 40x40 box?

any suggestions for someone on a budget?

3rd of March 2011 (Thu), 19:10
The bigger the light shaper, the bigger the light source.

Never really looked at alternative sources but, if bigger is what you need, go for the size your budget allows.