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Del K
10th of April 2001 (Tue), 21:47
I thought I had my cataloging figured out. I maintain monthly directories, with an Excel spreadsheet in each to file picture info. I extract this from Exif data for JPEG's using Thumber. When a zip disk fills up or a year goes by, I copy all to a CDR.

I thought this would work find, but Pekka has piqued my interest in RAW mode, and the new Canon converter makes this less painful. But now I have no way to easily capture the Exif info! Exifcopy does not read Exif from Tiff's, nor does Thumber. Does anyone know of a cheap (preferably free) solution? I don't mind a little programming, and might do something in Perl if there is nothing out there. But I would prefer the convenience of a GUI interface, not easy with Perl.

Del K

11th of April 2001 (Wed), 01:10
Look at Download Utility for Canon Digital Cameras from Breezesys (http://www.breezesys.co.uk). It downloads your pictures and stores the exif data into a textfile.

Del K
11th of April 2001 (Wed), 19:18
Yes, but, unless I am mistaken, it does not decode the Canon specific MakerNote, where some of the useful Exif information can be found.

13th of April 2001 (Fri), 10:55
Hi Del,

What info from Markernote does the Breeze downloader leave out? I have used it with my Pro90 and the data in the text file looked complete. It is FAST too:)

TIA for any info and happy shooting, Greg