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15th of March 2011 (Tue), 16:30

I bought the S21 a few months ago and since the date of purchase that i noted something. On the frame rate options, itīs only possible to select 50i and PF25 instead of the supposed 60i, pf24, pf30 and 24F. I let it pass at the time because i thought it would be a configuration thing, not appearing because of confliction with other option activated or something. However , thereīs no way of the other options appearing, no matter whatīs selected. Cine mode, manual, auto, whatever. Iīm going to start a film on this weekend and i want to be able to shoot in 24p.

I searched the web and found no one with this problem. I already saw in videos people with four options in the menu, i only have two.

Why could this be ?

15th of March 2011 (Tue), 22:24
My first question is where do you live and the second would be where did you buy the camera? It sounds like you have a PAL camera, not an NTSC one.

Is that possible?

15th of March 2011 (Tue), 23:13
Hi ,

thanks for the answer. I live in portugal, so yes, it's a pal camera.is it supposed to only have 50i and pf25 as frame rate options ? The camera is advertised in the portuguese website as 24p capable and there s no references in manuals about the options not being available in pal models.

15th of March 2011 (Tue), 23:19
Sorry for the double post but i m on a cellphone and i can't edit in any way the above one. The camera was purchased on pixmania, a large european retailer, if i m not expressing myself wrong, since english is not my first language. It sells through all europe, sending them from France. So my camera must have comed from there.

16th of March 2011 (Wed), 00:26
There may be a menu choice to select PAL versus NTSC. 50i/25p is a PAL standard and 48i/24p is an NTSC standard. That being said, there is nothing wrong with using the PAL speeds unless you need to sync with a different, NTSC camera.

If you have the manual look up NTSC or PAL.