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Don Ellis
23rd of April 2003 (Wed), 23:10
Another shot of our banana feeder...



24th of April 2003 (Thu), 02:08
It really looks like the wasp is being eaten by the flower itself this time.
seems like a big chunk was taken out of its middle
(if one didn't know better that is marie........ : )
nice to see such an unusual picture of bananas also

thank you for reply on other wasp post
what I meant about your mask was not the danger from the wasps.
I hadn't thought of that at all
(sorry : )
I thought that you may have to wear the mask all the time, in general.

a terrible worry for many (sars)
must be sad to see life as you know it slow down so much there , in ways
and in the other places effected , Toronto also
a lot of debate on radio and tv is going on here because of no screening yet of many people coming back from places where there are cases of sars.
hospitals nurses are very cross
its going to take a lot a screening if its to be prevented
but is very necessary at this stage.
hopefully its all on the turn now because more and more are taking so much care.
glad to see all is ok regards you. hope griffin is also. and others......
there was a man from Hong Kong on our national radio station yesterday talking about how Hong Kong is dealing with the sars virus.
his name was something like.. nevin win... far as I could make out.
but anyway, the news on all the tv stations show what is happening all the time.
( I could never switch off news..... just in case : )
its showing a side of Hong Kong which is very interesting and very human.
not that I ever thought otherwise about h.k and other places, but the pictures show a very different side to every country which is infected.
the virus must be causing untold hardships for many
our thoughts are with everyone suffering in any way during this time .
I was surprised to see your health minister is called patrick ? not sure if I have that right
its usually people with irish connections which have that name
maybe he has an irish mammy
: )

thanks again for the pictures

re what you say about your photo.
I saw it a long time ago
no worries : ))))