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27th of March 2011 (Sun), 15:50

27th of March 2011 (Sun), 16:08
Ok so it wasn't great...but no replies and 8 views?

27th of March 2011 (Sun), 16:47
Your right its not bad, here's a couple of points though, the whites are blown out and you have a shallow DOF , thus only one eye is in focus and the nose is out of focus too , maybe try a bigger fstop

27th of March 2011 (Sun), 16:50
I posted a photo yesterday in the Landscapes section. 24 hours, 100 (!!) views, zero replies. And I KNOW it was a good shot - was just looking for some specific thoughts.

You should generally wait a day and until you're on the second page before you gripe. And even then, try to be as nice as you can about it.

I think this is a decent pic. Good background blur, nice pic of the doggie. Points off for not getting the nose in focus? Also, can you back off on the highlights? You've lost some detail in the white fur and the background is quite bright.

27th of March 2011 (Sun), 16:56
the bg blur is nice,but I prefer that at least the 2 eyes be in focus. This looks like it was taken in midday sun, it is hard to make out the eye on left since it is falling into harsh shadow.
Don't get discouraged when people don't reply right away.

27th of March 2011 (Sun), 17:07
You posted originally at 14:50, and then posted a gripe at 15:08 that no one had responded? Not everyone has the ability to post a reply...

Poor lighting, blown highlights, insufficient depth of field (as others have noted), loss of separation between the top of dog's head and the background. Shoot again when lighting conditions are more beneficial.

27th of March 2011 (Sun), 18:55
Sweet .............so all and all 2nd shot with camera in 15 yrs on manual. I work on the stuff ya all said!! Thanks a bunch appreciate the feed back !!!

27th of March 2011 (Sun), 21:22
If you *really* stick with it, you'll end up loving manual control.

28th of March 2011 (Mon), 11:43
Great Photo! For someone who is starting out your doing good.

28th of March 2011 (Mon), 11:45
I like it! Beautiful dog too...still trying to get my two to pose so I can take some good ones of them!