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10th of October 2005 (Mon), 13:50
..... and the winner is....

"In Velvet (http://www.pbase.com/sam_blackie/image/49896869/original.jpg)" by Hauff

extremely well deserved! :D For me this photo really stood out from the moment I first saw it. Congratulations Bryan!

In Velvet my have been the overall winner but the rest of the voting was very close. It was nice to see a really even distribution of votes once again - I think that is a testament to the high quality of submissions we receive for these contests.

Second place by a wisker was number 13 (white tailed deer (http://www.pbase.com/sam_blackie/image/49368812/original.jpg)) by dancad. Finally, one vote behind dancad was number 30 (owl with the scary eyes (http://www.pbase.com/sam_blackie/image/50007241/original.jpg)) by our very own IanD.

Congratulations to them all and to everyone else that entered!

10th of October 2005 (Mon), 13:53
Congratulations. A great photo and one that in my opinion fit the wildlife aspect of this contest perfectly. Personally I voted on #30 as a winner.

But all great photos.

Wayne Wood
10th of October 2005 (Mon), 16:52
I am not surprised by the results here the top two pics were indeed the best 2 entered imho, I think either one would have been a very deserving winner, congratulations to all who entered,


10th of October 2005 (Mon), 19:56
Congratulations to Hauff on a well deserved result!! And thank you to all those who voted during this competition. It was fun, wasn't it? With the quality of photos submitted I am just delighted with a second place finish! Everybody deserves a good round of applause...

10th of October 2005 (Mon), 21:20
Congratulations to Hauff, Daniel and Ian . Must have been tough as all the entries were wonderful captures indeed. They all were really amazing/beautiful images.

10th of October 2005 (Mon), 22:13
Congrats guys.. this was a very tough compititon with tons of great images. :)

11th of October 2005 (Tue), 11:29
Thanks to everyone who entered and voted in this competition. It is an honor to have been selected as the "2005 Wildlife Photographer of the Year" here on POTN. I want to congratulate Dan as well, his picture of the doe and fawns was an amazing capture and more than deserves a standing ovation. This was an excellent contest full of first rate pictures and kudos to Big_B for running such a quality contest. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing many more excellent pictures provided by all of you on the board in the coming year.
Best Regards: Bryan

11th of October 2005 (Tue), 19:50
To everyone that entered, well captured. As a lot of folks know, I'm a sucker for any type of deer. Bryan and Dan, excellent images. Not only winners on the small screen but worthy of being on anyones wall.
Now let's get out there and prepare for the 2006 Competition!:):)

11th of October 2005 (Tue), 21:13
Congratulations Bryan. It is a stunning image !

12th of October 2005 (Wed), 00:51
The top 3 were all my best choice also, however only voted for 2. No point voting all the same ones, and keeping the scores even. All were fantastic, and even the next 30 odd photos were brilliant.

12th of October 2005 (Wed), 01:17
Way to go Bryan:D

12th of October 2005 (Wed), 16:55
Congratulations to Bryan, Dan and Ian! It's been fun to be part of the contest. Happy shooting!

13th of October 2005 (Thu), 12:10
well done everyone! Great job, well deserved

13th of October 2005 (Thu), 22:56
Congratulations to all. There were some excellent choices to pick from. Big_B you do an great job of running these.

14th of October 2005 (Fri), 04:24
Thanks Sheldon!

14th of October 2005 (Fri), 08:00
Hmmm, that link doesn't work for me...

Oh, wait, now it did.

Congratulations everyone!


14th of October 2005 (Fri), 12:46

21st of October 2005 (Fri), 11:34
Congratulations to all the winners. Great shots. Something to aspire to.