View Full Version : Newborn Zero, 14 days old

14th of June 2011 (Tue), 13:02
This baby was wide awake almost a whole session. He finally fell asleep for about 15 minutes or so. So here are some shots i got. CC are welcome.

15th of June 2011 (Wed), 18:52
Hey there! I love your other stuff (as stated in those threads :)) but these dont do it for me. The white just seems too blown to me and looks fake. The second shot looks "cut out" and placed on white though I dont think it was. Not sure why but the first seems awkward around his hairline as well. The good thing is they are sharp and the BW conversion looks good to me. Im sure they will be happy with them but again, to me, just not your best work.

15th of June 2011 (Wed), 20:56
Jaka: thx so muchhhhh! I know something is not right! I used the actions and probably didn't really careful of brushing off the blown out. I will edit the image again. Many thanks Jaka!

15th of June 2011 (Wed), 21:07
Of course. Im always glad when someone tries to help me. Even if I dont listen to what they say, I value pretty much any input. :D

15th of June 2011 (Wed), 23:10
I listen to CC and strive to be better, however, if they not interrupt my style:-) I do happy to hear your inputs and many folks here.