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14th of June 2011 (Tue), 20:34
Hi all looking for critique and advice on best picts from expert view point etc.
Or anyone with more Equine info than I..trying to narrow down to 10-12 max..for print and portfolio. http://proimages.com/photo/flyinghorse/

I'm not very familiar with all the types of jumpers, best form, and posture.
Most of these were call hunter class.

These are just proof versions..not final..I also switched to new LED monitors..
like to hear thoughts on color from few different machines?

Had a fun shoot, with massive car drama far from home..grrrr
The things I go through for art.

11th of July 2011 (Mon), 21:07
Hi, first of all - for not having horsey knowledge you've done fantastic with the two you've put on here.
Generally what is looked for is what you have here, especially with the position of the second photo.
Ears forward is a definite, knees picked up and tucked in. The angle you have is far better than face on etc.

I'm finding the first one a little flat in colour but the second one is very vibrant but again that could be down to the colour of the horse and the jump both being brown whereas more colour variant in the second photo.

Please bear in mind I am more horsey than horsey photog so not an expert at all but I like these. I am trying to open your website but on a painstakingly slow connection. Will try to add more when I everntually get it open :) I'd be really happy if you were taking shots of my nags although they're no-where near the leagues of these guys.

20th of July 2011 (Wed), 02:42
Thanks for the info..my site has been lagging at times as well..sorry
I know what to shoot for the most part, but the fine nuances only come from time with
each genre..Once a get a few under my belt I can really step it up. Really want to shoot some core rodeo.
and wild horses.

I'll be visiting the other side of the pond one day soon!! Cleaning up a lot of stuff so I can shoot
more. Keep in touch! cheers D


20th of July 2011 (Wed), 12:41
Equine event photography can be difficult. Harsh sunlight makes good lighting hard to achieve. Usually there will be both black and white on the same subject, and that is a challenge for any camera's dynamic range. The angle you've used for these images is the one most event photographers use for the "picture postcard" shots that customers purchase, but some other angles you've captured from the images you've linked to made a more dramatic image that displays the subject's personality. If you are hired for private photo shoots, customers like a mix of both kinds.

Seems like you had harsh lighting for some of these images,and exposure does not look ideal. If you shoot raw and do some post processing you can optimize the exposure both on the horse and the rider's face which is often shaded by the helmet. Another thing, at many venues it is difficult to find an uncluttered background behind the subject, but with perseverance you can usually manage to isolate a few angles that will help separate your subject from the background. Nobody really wants to see cars, portable toilets and camera tripods :) Good luck with your endeavors, practice will teach you the best way to maximize your enjoyment of equine sports photography!

21st of July 2011 (Thu), 10:48
From what I can tell, the lighting is off! Other than that, the photos turned out good.

21st of July 2011 (Thu), 19:35
THX, yes it was very grey that day, these jpgs have not been heavily corrected either..
only going to choose a dozen or less.
Thanks for the input!