View Full Version : Cats, Puking & Hairballs

21st of July 2011 (Thu), 01:00
Anyway to train em to puke in their litter box? :)

21st of July 2011 (Thu), 01:13
If we get lucky, it will find your underwear drawer. ;)

21st of July 2011 (Thu), 03:20
Sure there is.
It's quite easy to recognize the "pre-hairball" behavior of a cat. When you spot a hairball on it's way, you gently pick up the cat and place it in the litter box. Make sure to give it a treat after the job is done.
After a few times, your cat will associate hairballs with the litter box, and go there by itself.

Whatever you do, don't get mad at your cat if it has an accident. Trying to train a cat through negative reinforcement, will bring nothing but trouble. They are not like dogs that wan't to please you, and should not be treated as such.

21st of July 2011 (Thu), 07:42
My lovely cat has lots of furballs but invariably swallows them, so they end up in her litter tray anyway :)