View Full Version : mini competition: the birds!

24th of October 2005 (Mon), 18:12
I was driving home tonight when I saw a flock of birds, or rather a swarm, flying around a church. It looked incredibly cool and creepy and unfortunately I didnt have my camera on me (DOH!). Since I missed my chance, I'm hoping you guys wont miss yours. So my little mini competition will be for you guys to capture a swarm of migrating birds. I'll set the deadline to halloween (bwahahahaha! :evil:).

25th of October 2005 (Tue), 06:26
Ok. Here's mine. :p

28th of October 2005 (Fri), 19:06
Here is a shot of some Canadian Geese cruising our local park. I took this one while waiting for the tennis courts to dry after a short rain shower. They were pretty tame, but wouldn’t let me get within 50 feet of them. They were all gone by the time my match was over.


30th of October 2005 (Sun), 14:20
Well I hope this qualifies :D . Taken today,the day before Halloween, so I just made your deadline...

31st of October 2005 (Mon), 00:10
My daughter trying to catch them.

31st of October 2005 (Mon), 18:47
thanks for the submissions. i was actually expecting something scarier, in the halloween mood, but i appreciate the great shots. great job everyone. everyone is a winner (lame, i know but i wasnt aiming to pick a winner). :P