View Full Version : 2 Shots at the beach

2nd of September 2011 (Fri), 10:05
Snapped these two shots at Bolsa Chica State Beach, CA.



Thoughts and feedback welcomed.

Jon C
2nd of September 2011 (Fri), 10:12
#1 is really good. Interesting perspective, lot of detail considering you were shooting straight into the setting sun, great composition.
#2 is good, but more 'ordinary'.

2nd of September 2011 (Fri), 10:16
The first shows power! The incoming wave has an ominous look. Cool shot!

The second is nice but it is missing something. A crop might enhance the view a little bit.

2nd of September 2011 (Fri), 11:35
I do not like the border. I do like the images themselves though.

2nd of September 2011 (Fri), 13:21
That 1st shot is pretty cool! I agree with mrbubbles that it shows and gives the feel of the power of the wave.

I feel the 4 birds (could be 5) are distracting in the second one.

2nd of September 2011 (Fri), 14:09
1st for me too. Looks like a wall of water

2nd of September 2011 (Fri), 18:24
The first one is one of the best ocean shots I've seen - very well done.

3rd of September 2011 (Sat), 03:54
I like both. I would be happy to have taken either.

3rd of September 2011 (Sat), 09:54
Thank you guys for the feedback. Much appreciated.