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14th of September 2011 (Wed), 13:16
Hey all,

Taking a trip to Paris, London, Coast of England, Italy and Germany in October. I want to take pictures along the way, but it's not just a photography trip. I got a new laptop, a Lenovo T410 which is 14". I'm bringing my rolling carry-on and I need a bag that will fit my 14" notebook, gripped 60D, 17-85mm, 55-250mm, 430ex and small collection of Cokin filters.

I LOVE ThinkTank so I would really like to stick to them if possible, but would consider others. I really think I need some sort of small backpack as this bag will probably be with me 24/7 while going in places. I have an Urban Disguise 35 currently but I am worried about the T410 fitting. Plus, are the shoulder strap add-on really usable?

Any help would be appreciated!

14th of September 2011 (Wed), 14:52
I picked up a Tamrac Evolution 8. Looks like it should hold all your gear. You could also go the Evo 9 route but that might be a bit overkill since that's a huge friggin backpack.

14th of September 2011 (Wed), 17:00
I love my lowepro fastpack 350. Its very cheap and holds a large amount.

Stone 13
14th of September 2011 (Wed), 21:24
Another vote for the Tamrac Evo 8. It should hold all of your gear easily. The fastpack 350 is equivalent in size to the Evo 9 so I think it would be a bit large unless you plan on adding more equipment. I can carry everything in my sig in my Evo 9 so you can imagine how large it is.....

15th of September 2011 (Thu), 08:39
Fastpack 350 or the fastpack 250. It can fit all your gear plus a top compartment where you can put your batts, charger, headphones, passport, lens hoods, filters etc.