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3rd of October 2011 (Mon), 08:15
I am 100% not a landscape photographer as I do 80% cars and motorsports and 20% weddings and people, so decided to give it a go. First time on a tripod as well. All taken with Canon 7D, Canon 10-22mm. C&C Welcome!
Thanks for looking!

1) http://i485.photobucket.com/albums/rr218/Reno_LV/2-28.jpg

2) http://i485.photobucket.com/albums/rr218/Reno_LV/3rms.jpg

3) http://i485.photobucket.com/albums/rr218/Reno_LV/rms2.jpg

4th of November 2011 (Fri), 01:39
did you use any filters? ND?

4th of November 2011 (Fri), 07:19
Didn't have any, so used 2 shots and blended together, one exposed for sky, 1 for water. Then blended together. A Gradient ND would have done the job with 1 shot I believe!

5th of November 2011 (Sat), 21:51
Looks Great.

6th of November 2011 (Sun), 04:41
Nice photos. #1 is incredible. Love the drama in the sky, its really well composed with some nice foreground interest. It also has the best exposure, as the others are a little hot in parts.

6th of November 2011 (Sun), 05:07
Thanks very much guys!

6th of November 2011 (Sun), 06:01
look fantastic. like 1&2 in particular

6th of November 2011 (Sun), 07:20
Definitely cool images.
Did 'man' place those hexagon shaped stones or it that natural?

6th of November 2011 (Sun), 09:01
Cheers. I doubt man could've done it and it's a bit like that in Scotland as well. I think it was volcanic magma meeting freezing water and the rock just got damaged. Looks unreal in real life.

6th of November 2011 (Sun), 10:44
Definitely cool images.
Did 'man' place those hexagon shaped stones or it that natural?

Completely natural- columnar basalt is formed by sub-aerial cooling.

6th of November 2011 (Sun), 10:46
Lovely shots and processing.