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30th of March 2001 (Fri), 13:20
Just can't get enough of it!!!!!
That's all I have to say.

2nd of April 2001 (Mon), 10:55
I bought it based on what I had seen from other G1 users at dpreview. It's an excellent lens, and at soccer games, the lake, and most other outdoor locations it is my most-often-used attachment. I used on the front of a circular polarizing filter, and I can just turn the entire b-300 to control the polarization. Make me a little nervous, though, since many polarizing filters aren't made well enough to take the weight of an add-on lens. So far, so good. I would never support the weight of the entire camera/lens assembly this way, even though I do it frequently w/o any filters other than UV.

Doug Mick
12th of April 2001 (Thu), 21:56
Hello everyone,

I just received my B300 today to use with my G1 but haven't really had a chance to use it

How close will I be able to focus with the B300? Will the macro setting work to allow even closer focussing? (So far, I don't see any effect from using the macro button.)


As this is my first post I would like to congratulate Pekka on his forum design.....very easy to navigate and easy on the eyes!

Also, it's great to see so many of the regular dpreview contributors here.

Doug Mick

Doug Mick
12th of April 2001 (Thu), 22:41

Thought I'd get out the tape measure and answer my own questions.

Minimum focussing distance (macro on) - approx 22"

Macro must be on between approx. 22" and 72"

Beyond 72" turn off macro setting to get focus.

Measurements were taken from the camera body, not the front of the lens.

Doug Mick