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1st of November 2005 (Tue), 21:23
www.ideaofbeauty.com [nc]

comments and criticisms welcome






350d, 18-55mm kit lens, 420ex off camera

1st of November 2005 (Tue), 22:43
I dig these pics. I'm a big fan of dragging the shutter. Nicely done.

2nd of November 2005 (Wed), 11:48
very cool!

2nd of November 2005 (Wed), 12:10
I particularly like the fourth ... could you describe exactly what you did? Bottom has got me to where I am trying to learn this 'shutter drag' technique but it has turned out to be a bit trickier than it might appear, sigh.

2nd of November 2005 (Wed), 13:12
I like 3 and 4 alot. The problem with the first two are the subjects, not your technique. there just isn't a whole lot to be said by their body language or expressions at that moment. The subject you are taking the photo of really makes or breaks the shot in concert photography (in my humble opinion). I find that shots with the shutter drag often happen to me by accident haha. I need to learn how to harness this technique so I can apply it when I want. I think alot of it simply has to do with the artist moving fast with the shutter speed a bit slower than normal (lower the iso), which sorta seems like common sense i guess. if the artist isnt' moving a whole lot u could alwasy just move the camera yourself while the shuter is open to acheive this effect. Playing with the zoom while the shutter is open is another technique that will yield some interesting results in this type of photography. I'm taking pics tonight at the Switchfoot / Augustana show tonight so I'll have some stuff posted later on. I dig your pics though, nice job.

2nd of November 2005 (Wed), 13:14
By the way, where were those photos taken and where are you from?

2nd of November 2005 (Wed), 13:42
dwight: if i remember correctly i was shooting in manual at about f8 and 1/20-1/30, iso 800 for the shutter drag. i'll occasionally twitch my hand a little as i take the picture to get longer lines too.

nerogtr: i actually liked the body language in the first two, hair flying and eyes rolled back, but i understand what you're saying. it's something i always try to pay attention to. all the photos were from the brewery in raleigh, north carolina, which is where i'm from.

thanks for the comments, glad you guys didn't tear me up on my first shot posting...

2nd of November 2005 (Wed), 13:46
i just started shooting concerts (well...just started shooting with a real camera, ive always shot with crap point-and-shoots). look for some of my threads coming up (im always taking random photos at places).

3rd of November 2005 (Thu), 11:59
The photo of the drummer is really nice. I like the lighting on his sticks and snare drum, and the intensity by the look in his eyes.
It seems very intimate.
The only lacking photo I feel is the one of the guitarist in the second photo. But that's not your fault. From a technical aspect, it's beautiful, the angle and everything is nice, but he is making a really strange expression. It seems like if you would've snapped it a second later, then it would've been really neat.

26th of May 2007 (Sat), 14:57
Very crisp shutter drags man, kudos. The fourth is my favorite, followed closely by the last. I really need to start using flash in my shutter drags...lol