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3rd of November 2005 (Thu), 11:15
I want to utilize the 2-second timer mode as a method to help reduce camera shake (I know there are other ways as well); but when setting my CANON S70 to this function, it allows this but then automatically reverts to the non-timer mode when the power is turned off and then back on. Big hassle to re-set every time I power up.

I want to know if there is a way to make the 2-sec-timer the default setting without needing to re-program all camera settings. I couldn't find instruction for doing so in the Owner's Manual. Anybody know?

led hed
3rd of November 2005 (Thu), 12:35
is there a short-cut key u can program to invoke this command? that way after the first shot, u can just push this button and the camera goes into 2 second mode once again?


3rd of November 2005 (Thu), 13:01
I can't speak for the s70, but here's how I do it in my s50:
1. select the 'Drive Mode' to 2 sec. interval.
2. go to MENU > Save Settings, and save settings. These are the settings for Custom Mode.
3. turn mode dial to C.

3rd of November 2005 (Thu), 13:04
You can try this. Get the camera setup the way you want it. Press menu then then directional button up once. Now press the Set button and select OK. You have saved the setting that are in the camera and when you select C on the dial, these setting will be used. This is the method I use and it works great.

Oops too slow. Btw, I do have an S70.

ByteTheBullet (-: