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3rd of November 2005 (Thu), 16:38
Busy week last week. I also had the chance to cover the Exodus gig. Brutal.

1 http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c108/thomasgarner/Exodus/Exodus2.jpg

2 http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c108/thomasgarner/Exodus/Exodus4.jpg

3 http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c108/thomasgarner/Exodus/Exodus3.jpg

3rd of November 2005 (Thu), 19:49
Cool shots, I can almost hear the music and feel the energy on the 2nd and third shot.

4th of November 2005 (Fri), 14:36
Thanks for the comment Keiffer. Very powerfull, energetic show.

5th of November 2005 (Sat), 20:56
Beautiful shtos :)

6th of November 2005 (Sun), 00:09
Great job of dealing with the evils of the red floods :)

6th of November 2005 (Sun), 03:50
I love them what lens did you use?

6th of November 2005 (Sun), 05:31
Thanks Tim, glad you enjoyed.

I love them what lens did you use?

Thank you. For these I used my Canon EF 100 2.8
This show was packed full of people, pit and all. The only suitable place to shoot is a small riser about 15 inches high and 5 feet square.
The lens was a little long for this vantage point when the musicians are directly in front of me, hence the clipped headstock in #3, and a bit short when they are at the other end of the stage.

Great job of dealing with the evils of the red floods

I know the guy running the lights. When he knows I'm there shooting he will run more white floods up front.
With these shots the red is from the side with good white floods up front. This light guy is currently working overtime with 3 venues, getting their lights reworked. I've seen him at a few other venues as well, doing what he can with what they have to work with.

6th of November 2005 (Sun), 14:12
Yep, it sure pays to know that guys that run the lights! Looks like fun. The hair shot is gnarly.

7th of November 2005 (Mon), 13:19

They're still around huh. Saw them around '87 or '88.

11th of November 2005 (Fri), 11:21
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