View Full Version : Portable battery powered digital image storage while trekking suggestions?

2nd of November 2011 (Wed), 02:49
I'm trekking in Nepal and want some way to backup my cards as I go either onto other cards or hard or solid state drive. I don't want to carry a pc and electricity availability is extremely limited and unreliable. Preferably I'd want something that took AA or AAA or 9v batteries.

Any suggestions?

2nd of November 2011 (Wed), 07:21
Why a solid state drive? If it's for extra speed - it has no advantage over a HDD. If it is for durability and/or power consumption then I can see why you'd want one.

Best option would be a Hyperdrive Colorspace UDMA. Buy the case alone and stick in a 500GB hard drive or, if an SSD is essential, the biggest SSD you can afford. It doesn't take ordinary batteries but it's rechargable cell lasts a long, long time and it can be charged via a mini-USB for ultimate compatibility. Heck, you can even buy AA holders with a mini-USB charging cable.

2nd of November 2011 (Wed), 14:13
^^^ Thats what I was going to suggest too. You can easily stick an SSD drive in the HyperDrive, and you can def get a AA to USB port holder to recharge it that way if you needed, but from everything Ive read the HyperDrive as VERY good battery life and even better Id imagine with a lower powered SSD drive.

2nd of November 2011 (Wed), 14:32
Hyperdrive sells a AA battery back for the device for ~$10. (http://www.hypershop.com/COLORSPACE-SPACE-External-AA-Battery-Pack-p/hds-aa.htm)

koala yummies
2nd of November 2011 (Wed), 14:48
Hyperdrive sells a AA battery back for the device for ~$10. (http://www.hypershop.com/COLORSPACE-SPACE-External-AA-Battery-Pack-p/hds-aa.htm)

Thanks for sharing, I had no idea about this, and I already own a Hyperdrive.

2nd of November 2011 (Wed), 16:35
I also agree on the Hypderdrive... I have one, and I used it on my month long trip to europe... charged it maybe once or twice on that trip, and dumped several card loads of images onto it... it's quick too!

3rd of November 2011 (Thu), 01:16
Thanks for the suggestions. The Hyperdrive looks promising just need to see if I can source one in Australia in the couple of weeks before I go. Of course the one place I found that offers it is 50% more than in the US. Probably a bit more than I wanted to spend. I had heard tell of an AA battery power unit that "copied" one SD card to a blank SD card... as I have plenty of cards that would be ideal for backup, but I haven't been able to find one anywhere on the web.

3rd of November 2011 (Thu), 12:53
Hyperdrive sells a AA battery back for the device for ~$10. (http://www.hypershop.com/COLORSPACE-SPACE-External-AA-Battery-Pack-p/hds-aa.htm)
Oh thats sweet! Good for them for thinking of it and making it! Thanks for posting that!