View Full Version : Issue with a picture on the front page

Pavel Burminsky
2nd of November 2011 (Wed), 07:57
We have recently finished redesign of our corporate site pdgroup.co (http://pdgroup.co) and now we need your advices. On the front page we embedded a picture our office room and in the center there is a red button. If you push it picture change (mirror ball, picture and jacuzzi appear). It looks funny but we don't want our clients to think that we are having fun instead of working. Should we keep it there, or remove? And visitors just may not understand that the red button works. Do you have any advice on how to make it more obvious to them? And what do you think of the whole design of the site?
Thanks in advance.

2nd of November 2011 (Wed), 08:36
I think it's funny, I like it, I wouldn't think that you are lazy or just having fun, rather just creative coming up with stuff like that.
As for the first impression on the site, personally I got a "freewebs" default layout feeling, those kind of layouts really look out of the box and unprofessional, but that's just me.
Edit: on second thought, you have your contact information and social media links/addresses pop out very clearly, which makes me think the site is safe, but at first glance, I got the feeling of "lets buy a domain and a website, oh here it's done 2mins lets wait for people to send us their money".