View Full Version : I just got the S95 - and im loving it. :)

3rd of November 2011 (Thu), 09:40
got myself the S95 last week and have been loving it since. still messing around and trying to get used to all the buttons and menu. this is actually my 2nd Point and Shoot... my first point and shoot was years ago when 2mp was very popular in the market. hahaha.

I opt out s100 because 1) adorama or B&H didnt have it. 2) $100 more for 4mm wider, 1080p instead of 720p, and few others that i dont remember. oh ya GPS - the hell would i need that for?!?!

I am interested adding a wide angle len to it. but after reading, it appears only Lensmate has len adapter I can get. But what I really want is an adapter that I can screw onto the bottom of the tripod thread. but read that it will only fit on the s90 and not on the s95 unless you do some mod to it.

my question is wat are you using on your s95? would the len be too heavy on the adapter that it will come off? and what's a good quality wide angle len to get? im not looking to spend too much. the main idea of using the wide is to do some video... maybe attached the camera to the car, or on my helmet coming down the slopes this winter or on my bike riding in the park. yes i know about the GoPro - but if the s95 can do what i have in mind, then i wouldnt need to buy the GoPro. haha.

i have some ideas in my head i want to try. but before spending so much money, i wanted to test the idea first. im a still photographer (mainly wedding and portrait).

3rd of November 2011 (Thu), 13:52
If you plan on doing video in extreme conditions, do not risk you S95.....it isnt water/crash/impact/moisture/lens scratch proof like the Go Pro's. :)

3rd of November 2011 (Thu), 14:01
my brain was telling me the same too. lol