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5th of November 2011 (Sat), 19:14
Hi all!

Ok I have been looking for small carry around camera for myself for long time now...
I have 5d mkll with bunch of lenses but lets face it im not gona carry it around all the time. I do my best to bring them along where ever i go but sometimes i just dont want to. But as a kid who is trying to be a photographer for his life i do want a camera with me 24/7. I been looking at the canon Gs or the pen etc etc.. too many choices.. I just want some feed back from all the good ppl of POTN. My latest idea was to buy a iphone 4s, with all the photo apps and 8 mgp cam looked good to me plus this means i dont have to carry extra camera with me. well anywhos im looking forward to seeing all the post below!


5th of November 2011 (Sat), 19:34
My 24/7 carry is the SX230 HS. If I were buying today though, I'd get the S100, for the somewhat larger sensor and the ability to shoot RAW.

5th of November 2011 (Sat), 20:14
I have a 40D with a bunch of lenses and was in the same dilemna. LAst Christmas I got an SD 1200 IS. Loved that camera. Small enough to put in my pocket and provided good results. Unfortunately I seem to have misplaced (read: lost) it and was on the hunt for a replacement. I found it with the ELPH 300 HS. Great little P&S Camera. Small. 12.1 MP. HD video. So far it is proving to be a great replacement and earns my recommendation. Check it out.


5th of November 2011 (Sat), 20:50
300hs/s95/mirrorless evil type camera