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11th of November 2011 (Fri), 15:42
Hi all :)

I've been noticing a strange uneven sharpness issue with my 10-22 recently ... it's quite subtle but it's definitely there – the lower right side of each image is noticeably less sharp than the rest of the image. This is all at 10mm by the way. Here are some examples from my 7D today:

10mm sample 1 (http://www.horizonimaging.net/misc/1_uncropped.jpg)

10mm sample 2 (http://www.horizonimaging.net/misc/2_uncropped.jpg)

The problem seems already to be less apparent at 15mm.

15mm sample 1 (http://www.horizonimaging.net/misc/3_uncropped.jpg)

Is it normal that a lens can be slightly OOF in some areas and not others? It's not as if the objects are even on drastically different focal planes ...

Many thanks for any thoughts!

David :)

PS. I'm sure it's not the body as I'm getting edge-to-edge sharp images with my other lenses ...

11th of November 2011 (Fri), 15:46
your copy may be decentered a bit, it happens, but looking at your pics I don't think it's bad at all

11th of November 2011 (Fri), 16:41
Thanks for your quick reply :) No you're right, it's not that bad, but I'm one for picking up these little details, particularly if I'm selling the images to a client ... :)


David :)

11th of November 2011 (Fri), 19:56
It's so subtle in those samples it could be chalked up to other reasons. Take a shot of something where everything in the frame is equidistant.

12th of November 2011 (Sat), 00:35
Should’ve gottan a Tokina 11-16. The lens is awesome, when I had a 60D back in the day. I had to get rid of it when I switched to FF :( I didn’t want to use it at 16mm only and have it as a prime. Plus it would vignette like a son of a gun lol