View Full Version : Converting my footage for SmugMug?

17th of November 2011 (Thu), 16:30
I'm looking for a some software with a few important features to convert from its native .MOV file type to a non compressed video format that will retain sound and video quality and something I can upload to SmugMug.

Looking for these important features.

1. Must be very easy to use
2. Have the ability to show add in a title page at the start of the video.
3. Have a feature to help stabilize the footage (important)
4. Converts from .MOV to Mpeg or some standard video format which retains the same quality sound and video as the original.
5. Have the ability to fix basic things such as contrast and brightness of video
6. Low cost (ideally like 50 bucks or less to register)
7. Free trial download online so I can do a good evaluation even if it throws an annoying banner or watermark across the screen.

I'm sure there is a quite a few programs out there like this but I need some good recommendations.

17th of November 2011 (Thu), 19:19
I've recently bought Serif Movieplus X5 which has the features you want, I think there is also a freeby early version, do a search on free serif.