View Full Version : Google's Analytics

14th of November 2005 (Mon), 04:59
I found this off of Digg.com and after looking it over I could see where it would help me figure out how many people view my site and its free. Which is the best thing.
So anyways if you have a static website and you are an old school gallery builder etc adding this could see which pictures you are getting the most views etc. anyways have 11 hours to go before I get my first bunch of stats.


ps I don't work for google or have any stock in the company though I wish I did when they went public ... sigh.

14th of November 2005 (Mon), 05:41
i figured this was coming soon...

14th of November 2005 (Mon), 06:25
yeah should be cool to see how it works have to wait till 4pm est to get my first results back...