View Full Version : model release for charity public sport event?

30th of December 2011 (Fri), 17:13
is a model release necessary to shoot charity marathon, charity bike ride, mountain bike race?

30th of December 2011 (Fri), 23:02
Model releases vary by state/provincial laws and usually provide written confirmation of permission of the subject for their likeness to be used for commerce/advertising by the publisher. Use for news reporting or fine art prints do not require a model release.

Its important to note that this is a requirement of the publisher and if you take the photos for a client to publish, you are not directly responsible for the model release unless you also use the images to advertise your photography business. It is common for events to have a model release clause in the forms required to sign up for the event for this purpose.

here is a reference for Canadian Model Releases:



31st of December 2011 (Sat), 04:21
If you're shooting on behalf of the event organisers their registration form for participants likely includes a release for the promoters to use participant photos for marketing purposes.