View Full Version : A trip to the local dump

31st of December 2011 (Sat), 12:56
found this at the dump.

31st of December 2011 (Sat), 17:28
I love devices with multiple purposes, the cleanup may be rough though.

Norman B
31st of December 2011 (Sat), 18:37
Let's have a little humour here. Happy New Year everyone.

Caption This Pic ; for example,

1. What is 2012 going to Dump on us.

2. Setting the scene.... there is a line up at your local Dump. Have a seat while you wait to unload.

3. Any plumbers/contractors around from days gone by that remember Olsonite?...Tops for Bottoms...They gave out toilet seat keychains... a real chain, not one of those ring things they have now.