View Full Version : S100 image stabilization

13th of January 2012 (Fri), 02:38

I'm a new owner of Canon PowerShot S100 and I'm puzzled. How does the image stabilization work in this camera? Auto mode seems to be indicating everytime the IS is on and what mode it has. But I've yet to see that happen in any other modes that I usually use (M, Av, Tv, P). Is the IS really on in the other modes, and if it is, whyt it's not indicated at all?

Btw this camera is perfect for me right now after owning different DSLRs for many years. Cannot carry DSLR to all my new hobbies and that basically killed a big part of my photographying hobby for a while.

13th of January 2012 (Fri), 05:01
I believe while its on Auto, it will select the best IS mode for the type of shot you are trying, but on all other modes, it wont have any indicator that it is on. (none that I've noticed) The only spot you will find it is in the settings. You will notice that on "continuous" mode, while holding the camera. The other setting is to have it act like a IS lens where it only activates when the shutter is pressed half way.