View Full Version : Flip out screen stopped working

20th of November 2005 (Sun), 11:53
Ok, this is really a Canon camcorder question/vent.........we just got back from our first trip to Disney World and while we were there the flip out LCD screen on my camcorder just decided to stop working! Didn't drop it, bump it, didn't get wet, nothing! Just stopped working!

The camera still worked, but have any of you actually tried USING (on a regular basis) the eyepiece on today's camcorders/cameras!????? They are sooooo tiny I could barely find my subject! I can only imagine what that video is going to look like! I also could not get to any of my special effects because you have to flip ou tthe screen to get to them and as soon as I flipped out the screen, the camera would shut off :(

Fortunately this is one time I did purchase the extended warranty, I just have to be without out or deal with it through the holidays!