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6th of March 2012 (Tue), 23:51
Hi everyone,

I am 15 years old and new to DSLR but not video. I bought a 7d for filming and photo options but mostly for the chrisp HD. I was wondering what the best shutter speed(s) for motocross would be? I also need some len's idea? Nothing to much ($500+)

7th of March 2012 (Wed), 00:47
$500 will buy you a used 70-200 F4 in good shape. That's on the long side, but it's the focal length I leave on my camera the most. For wide stuff, I can't recommend anything, I've only ever used my 24-70 and 10-22. the 70-200 F4 is about the best bang for your IQ buck. You get a really great optical package in a light and sturdy lens.

A general setting to freeze action in sunlight would be something along the lines of "TV" mode, ISO 200, 1/1600 (Aperture will be auto, but will likely fluctuate around F4). Ai Servo, Single Point AF point. Pick the metering that suits your situation. Pick white balance that suits situation, ie. if it's sunny out, pick the sunny White balance, and you should be somewhat close.

The "best" shutter speed is the one that gets you a good photo. You can pan at 1/125, F13 ISO200 and have an awesome shot. You could also take a shot at 1/2000 F4 ISO 400 that would look great to.

Everyone advises you to read your manual, and learn how to adjust the speeds of the AF (if you miss focus point, and AF point falls onto something closer or farther away, the Custom function between slow and fast will control how fast it would focus on the new target). It will take time to learn it's quirks.

Any other questions ask BUT only ask after you have looked through your manual a couple times. A question that could be answered if you had read your manual once will get you some negative attention hah. Just do everyone a favor and read it first, then ask away.

There's some great MX photographers in Here (http://photography-on-the.net/forum/showthread.php?t=800435) . RacerX photographers etc. and some really good amateurs. Lots of ideas float around in here.