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21st of March 2012 (Wed), 12:48

Looking for suggestions, critique, and criticisms for my new website.

It is minimalistic, which is what I wanted so I bypassed the large galleries and such. It is my first foray into digital distributions. Maybe next year I will look into zenfollio and some of the other nicer portfolio sites.

For now however I am content but now am wanting to make sure i didn't miss a couple of things.

**Anything sensitive I would appreciate sent in PM. THANKS!


21st of March 2012 (Wed), 12:52
My very first thought was that you ought to get rid of your stat counter - it shows people how popular (or not) you are. Google Analyticals will give you all that info and more without showing everyone else.

21st of March 2012 (Wed), 13:10
Looks good, GREAT pics!!!!!!

21st of March 2012 (Wed), 13:11
Looks decent, My question is, are the wallpapers you are selling are they your own personal pics you took?

Thanks... and absolutely! All my work. I would never try to sell someone else's work. :( Why do you ask?

21st of March 2012 (Wed), 13:57
My only comment is this: You offer limited edition prints without stating what the edition is limited to, could be 20, could be 10,000. Other than that, I like it. It's clean, simple, straightforward.

Hikin Mike
21st of March 2012 (Wed), 15:12
Your logo/header is way to big IMO. I can see it on your home page (maybe), but on the other pages, I think it's too big. As it is now, it seems your selling your logo, not your photos, which BTW are great. Shrink your logo and increase the size of your photos.

You might take a look at my SEO for the Photographer link on my sig. Also, I recognized the font you're using...I used it for a few months on my site. :)

21st of March 2012 (Wed), 21:34
Thanks guys. I appreciate all the comments and suggestions.

Hikin Mike Thanks for the SEO link. Great info. I was looking at google analytics the other day but your write up is MUCH better!