View Full Version : What camera it is..?

3rd of May 2012 (Thu), 16:20
Hey guys I bought it on garage sale I was just wondering what camera it is I try search for “CANON TOP-1” but nothing show up…:)(
Picture for references:

8th of May 2012 (Tue), 01:04
looks like an absolute piece of junk with a Canon sticker. Like the kind of stuff given away for free with a magazine subscription in the 1980's. Just google "Novelty Fake Chinese "canon" 35mm". there's one on EBay right now for the next 18 days.

8th of May 2012 (Tue), 01:13
how much did you pay for it?

8th of May 2012 (Tue), 01:14
"Focus Free" lens?

That's got to be a cut above simple auto focus, yeah?

8th of May 2012 (Tue), 23:11
how much did you pay for it?

Thanks all, bought it for $5.00 :rolleyes:

9th of May 2012 (Wed), 05:57
Actually I love this type of camera, they are great for running a film through like the lomo things, have fun