View Full Version : (US) WTB- Canon 20D

29th of December 2005 (Thu), 11:54
I am looking to upgrade from my Rebel XT. Would love to find a new to nearly new Canon 20D body. I have 100% positive feedback with E*bay. Looking foward to hearing if anyone has one!! New baby coming and would love to find one before his debut:)

Thanks so much!!

Ronald S. Jr.
29th of December 2005 (Thu), 11:55
How much are you looking to spend? Restrictions on actuations? Under 5k? Under 2k?

29th of December 2005 (Thu), 11:56
Will you be selling your XT when you get one?

29th of December 2005 (Thu), 12:04
I am looking for one with under 2000 actuations if possible, not real sure on what I can find one for price wise so leaving it open for discussion...obviously looking for a decent deal:)

And yes, my beloved almost new XT and grip will be for sale;)


29th of December 2005 (Thu), 14:07
Would you be willing to sell the grip seperately?