View Full Version : WTB: canon 50mm f/1.4

31st of December 2005 (Sat), 00:36
i've been looking at this lens and i'm almost to the point of breaking down and buying it new, but i just thought i'd try here as a last resort to see if anyone was looking to get rid of theirs. i've got the money to buy it new, but i'm just cheap so i'm not looking for a steal so to speak (although it would be nice) just a good price. also, i would like to have the hood with it as well, but it's not necessary. thanks! :)

31st of December 2005 (Sat), 07:05
I just got mine from B&H. It was at my door in 3 days and it has the 15.00 rebate right now. So far I am super impressed with it.

31st of December 2005 (Sat), 22:52
yes... i've been looking at that and been very tempted... i think that's what i might have to go with

31st of December 2005 (Sat), 23:19
Used one over on FM...285 with filter

One sold there today for 250..just need to watch it.