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Gomez Photography
14th of November 2001 (Wed), 10:02
Is anyone using the microdrive with a Mac & the D30?
Can you load the Raw images to the hard drive by way of CF card reader or do you still have to use the D30 body and the usb cord?
I can't wait for the fire wire 1D. Thanks Michael

Gomez Photography
16th of November 2001 (Fri), 22:58
Can you shoot Raw files on the D30 to MD. Then put the MD to the card reader to download the raw files, or do you have to load the Raw images on to the computer by using the D30 camera body and the supplied USB cord? This is the big question. Michael

21st of December 2001 (Fri), 23:26
Michael, My first post here so I hope it helps!
When I got my camera I downloaded a few images using the USB interface and that was OK. After my "round the world" trip, I wanted to download about 900 (mostly large/fine JPEGs) and it took forever (I forget how long)
I found a Firewire Microdrive/CF reader for less than $100.
Remove the drive from the camera, put it in the reader (after installing the driver etc, pretty simple, as usual on the Mac :) )
The microdrive shows up as , guess what, a Firewire external drive
Copy the folder containing the images or select the images one by one and drag to the destination.

It was almost exactly 10x faster than the USB - and it doesn't even know/care whether they're raw or JPEG or text.
I now even use it to transfer big chunks of stuff (whether photos or not) from one computer to another like a 1 GB Zip..