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Don Ellis
21st of June 2003 (Sat), 23:35
Not so much great photos as reminders that infrared works at night...

This is the entrance to the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, the only club I know of in Hong Kong that voted to retain the "Royal" when everyone in the city was busy eliminating colonial references in the wake of the 1997 Handover...


The photo below was shot from the Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter looking across Gloucester Road towards Causeway Bay. The long straight bright line a quarter of the way up from the bottom is a car's headlights streaking by. Beyond that, from left to right, there's a 16-seat minibus facing us waiting to pull into traffic, a car is in the middle, having just turned, and the shadow image of a double-decker bus is just exiting stage right. Those are Chinese characters on the storefront. :p


These were both taken with a modified G1 (no hot mirror) and a B+W 093 infrared filter. Shutter time 1 second.



22nd of June 2003 (Sun), 10:35
They are excellent photos, Don, and I find your infrared work fascinating. In these the exposure is right on and the detail is incredible. I appreciate the explanation you give of the elements of number 2.

It is interesting that the club retained the Royal part of its name. Interesting that English road names like Gloucester are also kept.


22nd of June 2003 (Sun), 12:05
very nice don.
I too was wondering about the names being left like 'gloucester road' (and more)
I imagine it was in the best interests of the yacht club to keep the 'royal' .
the complete title would not be so impressive without it
and its probably full of members who joined when that title was part and parcel of it all.
(why go downmarket now :)

joke joke

lovely clear details on the chinese characters shown.
the middle windows seem to be missing on the buildings in the second picture
(to the left, off centre )
the trees and foliage gives a lovely ghostly effect in the whole scene


22nd of June 2003 (Sun), 13:40
Keep'em comming Don. I'll echo what Peter says about your ir photos.
You and Mitch both got some great ir stuff going. I have a funny feeling when Mitch gets a new 10D or something he'll be modifying his g1 too.

22nd of June 2003 (Sun), 20:54
CONK: Don't tempt me! (Have to admit the thought has crossed my mind, though. :) )

DON: You now have a night-vision camera! Surely this is not reflected IR, but rather thermal IR (emitted). I'll bet your camera has enhanced sensitivity given the modifications you have made. Or do manmade lights (car headlamps and streetlights) venture into the IR spectrum? I wouldn't think so, but I don't know for sure. Interesting work.