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7th of January 2006 (Sat), 13:04
Originally planned to take my wife and make a night of it at the casino with Little Anthony and the Imperials (who still come down to autograph merchandise and chat with fans after every show unlike most of the big talent anymore), followed by MissBehavin', a local Latin R&B band out of Santa Barbara/Ventura. The Chumash Casino Resort has no problem with me mixing shooting and dancing with my wife (I cannot say enough what a super place to work the cainso has turned out to be.) But as luck would have it our babysitter canceled at the last minute, sigh, and I wound up there alone (yeah, alone with over 1000 people) so I cut out at about 11:00 PM ... again, the casino allows me total lattitude within the constraints set by the talent ... while I always show up about an hour early (to get passes, unload equipment, distribute images and CDs, check in with the tour manager if necessary, introduce myself to any new uniformed security, etc., etc.) and leave when I am ready, no one has ever suggested that I should follow any schedule.

I am rambling again so it must be time to do the images ... as always, the obligatory collage:


And a few additional images:





There are eleven more images of this concert on my website at http://www.dwightmccann.com/ChumashCasinoResort/LittleAnthony12231005.htm for your viewing pleasure. Please feel free to download to use as computer wallpaper (my favorite), print, edit and repost here, or whatever pleases your fancy ... but if you use them for profit be sure to license them from me first! :-) Also, except for the collage where it doesn't make sense, the images all include their EXIF data [let me again recommend the freeware Opanda EXIF reader extensions for Firefox and IE]. Those indicating 300mm were shot with my Canon 300mm f2.8L IS handheld, a current favorite of mine for the casino shooting. The 24mm shot was with my Canon 24-70mm f2.8L.

Stay tuned for Sawyer Brown images that are in the pipeline and should wind up here at POTN by next weekend ... and I will be shooting the Isley Brothers on Thursday night! The faster I run the behinder I get.

7th of January 2006 (Sat), 13:55
Dwight -

As with everything I've seen of yours here on POTN, these are spectacular. I was going to comment about the weird effect at the drummer's feet in the last shot until I realized that it's a Christmas tree decoration.

Sounds to me like you have a tremendous working relationship with the casino -- that makes the job more fun I'm sure. Thanks so much for including EXIF too -- it helps us all learn.

7th of January 2006 (Sat), 14:23
Jerry ...Thank you, and yes, a Christmas decoration at the front of the stage ... there is another unlighted to its right and then another lighted silvery blue ... but the guy sitting down is not the drummer (who is behind him) but one of the Imperials who had a hip replacement recently and is still required to sit, although he violates the restriction a bit. And if it is the close ups you like, you will love the Sawyer Brown that I have in the pipeline from last Thursday night.

7th of January 2006 (Sat), 14:24
Wow! Great work on white balance. Energetic and glitzy collage. Well done, indeed, Dwight!!

7th of January 2006 (Sat), 14:32
Thanks, Ballio ... say, you all do know that all the images I post here and more are available on my website, right? At the moment I don't sell anything or take names there, but please feel free to go there and sniff around, too. Sometimes images that I don't post here turn out to be more interesting for a lot of folks than the ones I do. Oh, just to make the point, this is the group's music director, and as can be seen it was taken at 200mm at 1/40th second, handheld with no tripod/monopod:


I really liked it although I do know it is a tad soft.

7th of January 2006 (Sat), 15:44
You just can't argue with those 300mm shots... perfect backgrounds too... jub jub jub all the way!

Stonking stuff Dwight.

---- Gavin

7th of January 2006 (Sat), 17:47
Gavin, thank you. Yup, that close and that wide open, and with that beautiful bokeh, the 300mm f2.8L is matchless ... well, maybe the 400mm f2.8L would be better, but can you hand hold that beast for 90 minutes for shutterspeeds under 1/200th? Nevermind, I have put my Gitzo G1568 monopod out where I will be taking it to the Isley Brothers on Thursday night! Mikegoat assures me that I will love using a monopod so much that it will be like an extension of my body! :-) Although, I often use the 300mm and 1.4 or 2.0 TC from my Wimberly/Gitzo platform from the sound board and those images are pretty interesting, too, although at those distances you don't get the incredible mellow, smooth, eye pleasing backgrounds ... I will have some 600mm images in my Sawyer Brown exhibit, hopefully by next weekend (maybe before!)

7th of January 2006 (Sat), 21:02
Amazing images Dwight. Wonderful color balance, exposures and sharpness. I'm sorry if you've answered this question in an earlier post, but may I ask how you meter for these difficult situations?

7th of January 2006 (Sat), 21:46
Joel, how I meter is a well kept secret known only to myself and perhaps 50 to 100 other select members of POTN: I spot meter, preferably on the face, and bracket +/- .7 stops. I also monitor my exposures and will add compensation to the extent spot metering isn't delivering the results I need. Even during a "three song limit" I often shoot 300-400 frames or more. What I lack in talent I make up for in quantity. :-) And I have recently switched to ISO bracketing.

7th of January 2006 (Sat), 22:15
Very well captured pics as usual Dwight! Great to see the McCann Effect in these shots too. By the way, the music director looks a bit like Penny Marshall.

What spot meter do you use?

7th of January 2006 (Sat), 22:33
Bottom, thank you. I use the spot meter built into the 1DMarkII. I often use different spots for the composition that I'm after ... it uses the AF spots but when using spot metering the number of usable spots is reduced to about 13 I think. One of the biggest reasons to move to the professional body ... I would have trouble shooting at the casino with just my 20D.

As for the McCann Effect, it wasn't too bad, but Sawyer Brown really turned it up ... I got cold from the fog! :-)

7th of January 2006 (Sat), 23:05
Thanks for the quick reply, Dwight. Seriously, I'd like to tag along with you on one of your shoots if ever I am in your area (God knows when that would be though). I am thinking of getting a 1DMarkII soon, although I will really have to siften up my wife and have impeccable timing :)

Have you thought of getting a separate spot meter? Like one of those Pentax units that have 1 degree spot metering. It might make your shooting easier, and faster.

7th of January 2006 (Sat), 23:11
Bottom, the lighting on the subjects changes constantly ... if it was constant enough to use an external spot meter I could just find the correct exposure and set it manually. The builtin meter is setting the exposure as I press the shutter (for three, bracketed frames.) So, while I do have an exposure meter, it is not a spot meter and I rarely use it and never at the casino.

14th of January 2006 (Sat), 17:14
spot on DWight! So sharp i can see his eyeliner ;-)

14th of January 2006 (Sat), 17:24
Wonderful work Dwight!!


14th of January 2006 (Sat), 18:29
Eric & Kenny, thank you so much.

15th of January 2006 (Sun), 04:46
Your making the rest of us look like amatuers now.. lol

Typically nice photos yet again. That's a seriously out there suit he's wearing there.

15th of January 2006 (Sun), 10:39
Nidz, I think most of the rest of you are amateurs, although I may be mistaken!:rolleyes: I will, however, take that as a compliment and simply ask what you thought of my latest effort, Sawyer Brown?

22nd of January 2006 (Sun), 15:54
Some great shots there Dwight, thanks for sharing.

22nd of January 2006 (Sun), 16:05
Thanks, futura!

22nd of January 2006 (Sun), 17:05
What I lack in talent I make up for in quantity. :-) And I have recently switched to ISO bracketing.

What you lack in talent? You've got more talent in your little finger than I've got in my whole body.

Where, oh where, did you learn ISO bracketing? I already forgot how.

Your shots are amazing. I must get that lens.

22nd of January 2006 (Sun), 17:32
See, Mark, therein lies the tale! You know that if you had that lens (the lens I use) then you'd be able to get images just like mine! If you didn't think so you would not be willing to run off and spend $4000USD. :-)

7th of June 2009 (Sun), 11:26
Looks like I will be licensing these images for a short tourbook in North Carolina.