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8th of January 2006 (Sun), 01:14
I'm getting this error when trying to align my printer.
this is what it's telling me....
an error occurred during automatic print head alignment press the resume button to clear the error refer to the user's guide to check the error and rexecute print head alignment if error still occurs, carry out manual alignment.

when I print the picture looks terrible. Even on the Canon pro photo paper...very dark and black out lined.
Help...what do I need to do?

Here's an Image I scan that came from the printer.


Photo #2
printed on canon photo paper pro and scanned.
when I print on plain paper they are not as bad but still not good.
can someone help me as to what I'm doing wrong, are could it be a default in the printer?

here's the original before printed on printer.

8th of January 2006 (Sun), 10:39
anyone...can you help me.

8th of January 2006 (Sun), 11:20
Try to align the print head manually.
I looks that you have a color profile that is causing your prints to turn out the way they are.

To tell if a color profile is causing the problem, in Explorer, right click on a photo, choose open with, windows picture and fax viewer, once the picture is displayed, print the picture.

Compare the results with your previous prints and see if the latest prints look better.

If the latest prints look better than you have a color profile that is causing your problem.

You will have to do a search to find out how color management works and use that information to print your photos.:lol:

8th of January 2006 (Sun), 13:12
I have did the manually align 20 times already and still the same. And I went to Explorer and did as you suggested and still the same. Prints no better. Ive never had trouble with a printer like this one. I think I have a defected printer. I think I will box it all back up and take it back today.

But, I thank you for your help. :-)

8th of January 2006 (Sun), 13:25
Gail, if you haven't done so already, my suggestion is to start up the printer utility and run through the following:

1. check the ink levels to make sure that none as run out on you
2. clean the print heads
2. print a test page and check to see if the colors are still messed up. If it is, then it's your printer. If they OK, try the PS print again and if you still get the bad colors, then it may be that you don't have the printer profile set up correctly. Is this your first time to use this printer or did it work fine previous to this?

Good luck.

8th of January 2006 (Sun), 13:25
You should take it back as soon as possible, Canon is not manufacturing the printer anymore, the only i9900s available are the ones in the pipeline.

Canon will be releasing a replacement for the i9900 soon.

I have the i9900 and am very pleased with the performance of the printer.

8th of January 2006 (Sun), 15:48
This was my first time using the printer. I follow the installations and align the printer. I did take it back to day and they said it seem to be defected and didn't have another one in store said it would be a few days.

So I ask for a refund and they didn't have enought in the drawer to give me the refund so told me I would have to come back tomorrow late. And maybe they would have it. That sucks!! But I will be returning it tomorrow.

I think I will just wait on the new model to come out. Being they were out they probably want be getting any more in anyways.