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18th of November 2001 (Sun), 04:46
With D30, will the Close Focus also be 1.6 *
e. g. Canon EF 50/1,4 USM:
Close Focus: 0,45 m * 1,6 = 0.72 m

18th of November 2001 (Sun), 12:29
The 1.6 multiplier is only significant because the CMOS on the D30 is smaller than a 35mm SLR focus area -can't remember the correct name :-) . The image will still be focussed at the same distance from the camera.


19th of November 2001 (Mon), 01:42
Thanks !

If I understood this , I'll get a "nice macro lens".
Please correct me, if I am wrong.
Film camera + EF85mm has closest focalpoint: 0.85mm.

D30 + EF50mm ( effective 80mm lens with D30 ) has closest focalpoint point: 0.45mm.