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14th of January 2006 (Sat), 09:17

You choose what you believe, or not believe.

What seems to be interesting is the IDs Mark III alleged new model which can crank out 20 MP and can be set to 12 MP (1.3x crop). At the lens stable, among others, a EF55mm 1.2L IS USM.

Folks, it's about time to save up some $$$.

Tom W
14th of January 2006 (Sat), 09:37
Here's a translation from babelfish:

This spring sale schedule it is tentative name EOS-50D of the EOS-20Dsuccession which is rumored, but somehowit seemsasin normal evolution edition of the APS-C size1,030 ten thousand pixels/second 5.5 scene. As for the high-speed machine whichstackedthe AF unitof EOS-5D whose reputation is good the scene which participates so the wide shank.
Almost that it is sold in the same time, EOS-3000Dof rumor(Kiss D Light?)With the JPG privatemachine which used the APS-C size sensorof reality KissDN, it seems that appears rather low at price.
As for っ て thing, as for EOS-000 D which is passed throughbetween with next termKiss DáV っ て thing,it probably is to become the spreadmachine of the second3 scene which diverts the sensor of EOS-50D?
It does to refrainlastly and is EOS-1Ds markáV probably over to do the first 2,000 ten thousand pixels inthe end as35 mm size single-lens reflex digital cameras?Using APS-Hcrop mode,1.200 ten thousand pixels/also EOS-1DVof the EOS-1D integrated edition whose second 8 sceneispossible is rumored, but...
In addition, are EF-S18-200/3.5-6.3 IS USMandfirsthand blurring revisionequipped single focus lens EF55/1.2L IS USM are soldprobably trueas a standard lens for the new APS-C series?

Not sure how a 55 mm lens can be considered a standard lens for APS-C, but it will make a very nice portrait lens. If this is true, of course. :)

Tom W
14th of January 2006 (Sat), 10:31
And in an effort to turn this into the official rumor thread for Spring, 2006, I got this tidbit from a post on DPReview (poster "viperchild"). Apparently, he was shopping for a 1Ds II and got some advice from several dealers:

The overall picture I am getting from the UK is as follows:

Feb / Mar 2006: Canon will release an EOS 1Ds Mk II N with a 2.5" screen, Lithium-Ion Battery, USB 2.0, Same FPS but higher burst rate of 16 RAW shots and an updated software bundle.

Sept / Oct 2006: Canon will release an EOS 1Ds Mk III with a new name. This will be a 23 Megapixel camera with a slightly higher FPS & Burst rate but apart from that no changes from the EOS 1Ds Mk II N.

I'm just reporting - you decide. :D