View Full Version : Anyone from Milton Keynes, UK?

Yella Fella
14th of January 2006 (Sat), 15:27
or the surrounding areas? northants, buckinghamshire, aylesbury, luton, beds etc?

Could do with arranging some sort of photoshoot day? I could learn a thing or two :cool:

15th of January 2006 (Sun), 09:31
I'm from Nottingham, I know of one other Nottingham member...

OK, we are all a bit further north but given a good venue photogaphers will travel :)

15th of January 2006 (Sun), 09:42
OK, we are all a bit further north but given a good venue photogaphers will travel :)

Not sure MK fits the bill then: after the concrete cows and Buddhist Temple/Peace Pagoda at Willen Lake you're left with concrete and glass from what I remember :lol: tho' am happy to be put straight on that.

Yella Fella
22nd of January 2006 (Sun), 12:19
to be fair i am running out of where to take pics... there is always that windmill in caldercotte (sp?) :D

22nd of January 2006 (Sun), 13:56
running out of where to take pics???

I've been living in Manchester for over 5 years and I still discover places that I haven't been or scenes worth capturing!

I'm always up for a trip within reasonable distance to meet fellow shooters :D

clive lmc
23rd of January 2006 (Mon), 13:28
Im not a million miles away, tbh it depends on what you want to take photo's of ?
some dont want to shoot sport some dont want to shoot nature etc etc etc
but there are always things to keep you going

24th of January 2006 (Tue), 10:30
Have you tried the canal yet, Ed? That has to be worth some experimentation.

Another option is long exposure night shots with light trails - we've been discussing those in Talk About Photography. You will need a tripod.

There's some nice parkland around the city, which is always photogenic.

They're just three quick ideas from the top of my head.


24th of January 2006 (Tue), 11:59
I would make the trip up for a meet :D not sure of driving 2 hour to shoot roundabouts though:lol:

24th of January 2006 (Tue), 12:10
Maybe an MK meet is on; I'd certainly come along and bring my kit if I was well enough on the day.

Has anyone got any thoughts on places to meet, eat/drink and shoot?


9th of February 2006 (Thu), 11:08
Hmmmm you have Whipsnade Zoo and Woburn for animals, Silverstone for Motorsport, a bit further away and later in the year, Shuttlworth Collection for vintage WW1 and 2 planes. Just a few of many ideas ! ;)

Yella Fella
14th of February 2006 (Tue), 06:42
Possibly arrange for a nice weekend in march/april time? more ideally april time for me as im in the middle of buying a house, hectic/stress (ish) comes to mind :D

4th of January 2009 (Sun), 15:35
Did anything come of this. I live in MK and would love to meet up with some photography folk.

22nd of March 2009 (Sun), 17:45
I'm from Milton Keynes just found this thread through the search facility.

I would agree the canal is a good place to shoot - was down there on Saturday taking some pictures for the Milton Keynes Flickrites group competition on Flickr.

31st of March 2009 (Tue), 02:50
I live in Luton:cry:(???), let me know.

31st of March 2009 (Tue), 04:32
Have a look here (http://photography-on-the.net/forum/showthread.php?t=640683), might be a little further South but there is always meets being arranged.

22nd of April 2009 (Wed), 18:51
Just moved up to Northants from the Sarf Eest.

20th of May 2009 (Wed), 11:55
Hi guys, just joined this forum and spotted this thread. I live in Heath and Reach (just south of MK down the A5) and am also a member of the TIPF group, there's a few bods in the Milton Keynes area in that too. Quite by coincidence the Leighton Buzzard Photographic Club is hitting MK tonight for a loose "photo walk" and pub in the Theatre area @ 9ish. I was wondering whether meeting up in MK or maybe just hitting it at a certain time might be an interesting activity - midsummer is coming up, how about documenting Midsummer Boulevard for the (longest) day? Interesting project do you think?