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22nd of January 2006 (Sun), 19:11
This is the first thread I have started in the the new Performing Arts Forum that hope I was instrumental in fomenting to get created. The Average White Band was the Opener for Tower of Power. They are tight, talented and tiny ... only five pieces at this gig although I have the impression there are more floating around. The AWB logo is pulled from the drum in an image not shown (taken just for this purpose). So here we go with the collage:


And a few others:






As always, please feel free to edit and repost, copy, print, use for wallpaper or whatever so long as you don't make a profit. There are a couple of more on my website but they are borderline ... so I won't provide a link ... if you want to see what I consider borderline you will have to go find them! :evil::p

22nd of January 2006 (Sun), 19:19
My dad has a vein that pops out of his forehead just like the first guy. I used to see it when I'd come home at 3 am.

The first two close up shots look the best. I should have stayed in Lompoc to help you drag all that equipment to and from events.

22nd of January 2006 (Sun), 19:34
I'm glad that popping veins are what draws your attention in this exhibit, Surf! And, yes, you should have stayed around ... well, no, that's not true ... you need to be doing what you are doing down there in San Diego ... when you are done you can come back and bring that sweetie with you. Say, when are we going to see her in the glamour section?

Did you see the Tower of Power images?

22nd of January 2006 (Sun), 19:38
She never lets me take photos of her. I almost bought a portrait photography book last night though. I really need to learn lighting.

I didn't see Tower of Power. I'll look for them.

22nd of January 2006 (Sun), 19:39
Wait...I did see those a long time ago. Why do you ask?

23rd of January 2006 (Mon), 00:50
These are great shots as always. The only thing I'd do differently (that might be an improvement, anyway ;)) would be to try to pull some detail back into the performer's forehead in #2. This is a quick edit with the following curves adjustment:
Input : 119 162 219
Output : 120 156 203

Sorry about the crop - I wanted to keep it at 100%.

23rd of January 2006 (Mon), 01:11
Dwight, good job, again. If you need a assistant I'll carry your camera bags to see these bands up close. These were the tops for me back in the day.

23rd of January 2006 (Mon), 01:31
Great Shots Dwight.

23rd of January 2006 (Mon), 01:45
Dam, I just began to remember playing basketball in the ninth grade, Two hand jammin, dreaming of the NBA. Yeah!!! Do I remember!!!

23rd of January 2006 (Mon), 03:01
Dwight, Congrats for being the 1st poster in your baby - the "Performing Arts" forum.

23rd of January 2006 (Mon), 12:35
Codex0, I already did, as well as pulled back some detail near his right ear, but his forehead is the brightest place in the image and I prefer the "snap" that using the full tonal range gives ... just a tradeoff. I would have preferred to have had the lighting as in the third one. Thanks!

23rd of January 2006 (Mon), 12:51
mdm, you will have to get into a very long line to carry my camera case! :-) Thank you.

Transport ... ninth grade! Hmmm, I miss the allusion as I am not a music person ... how about a little explanation?

Mills, thank you. I think we are on the same wavelength. I'd like to carry your camera bag to a fire! :-)

Roli, I think the moderators shuffled a lot of stuff into here in preparation for the new Forum.

23rd of January 2006 (Mon), 13:41
Hi , Dwight , Could I send a few images for your personal view and advise as I can not put them on full view. My daughters Ist stage event which I made total cods .

My email is : ro@eventspotographer.com

23rd of January 2006 (Mon), 16:20
Outstanding image as always Dwight. I also really like the rich blue and purple color tones of the stage lighting. You and your camera/lens combo show the colors in all their glory. :D

23rd of January 2006 (Mon), 16:56
Joel, I am but a humble servant.

24th of January 2006 (Tue), 04:59

Ok im going to challenge you a bit.. First of all though.. WB/Exposure/Sharpness/DOF Deadly accurate!!!

Here is where i challenge you.. I would say that your framing is at best average.. You DO need average framing and safe shots in this line of work, but I would suggest shooting as many "safe" as you can, then start to experiment a LOT more with framing, go ALL out there and take stuff that you could SWEAR is going to look like poo... Put subjects way in corners, play with oof bkgs etc

I think your images are GREAT but with a little advancement in composition they could be remarkable

24th of January 2006 (Tue), 12:17
ERIC, Eric, eric ... thank you ... finally a voice not whining about how good my images are! However, I do shoot those shots. It's just that they usually are "poo" so I don't show 'em. In fact, here's one from Tower of Power a week earlier (that did work for me) where I shoved everyone off to the side and then discovered the flag in deep shadows and brought it up a bit:


Perhaps this is not exactly what you meant but I really do try all sorts of things, including long exposures and wiggling my camera around ... they just don't "work" very often and they aren't the type of things the casino likes so they don't show up. And I am a bit compulsive so it is a stretch for me to work with them.

With that said, I will have to think about what I might do to get an "unusual" perspective or two. :-)

24th of January 2006 (Tue), 15:47
I think to "foment to create" is redundant, but you're only a great photographer, not an english teacher, so I'll forgive you.

As far as the poster's missive on trying different framing, how about laying on your back (or is it lying) on center stage and shooting upwards?:)

Now, in one shot you have a spotlight directly behind the performer's right shoulder. How do you not blow out that highlight?

Love Tower of Power. Saw them years ago in the Bottom Line on W. 4th Street and Mercer in Greenwich Village. Randy and Michael Brecker on horns. Man, maybe that's why I'm so deaf.


24th of January 2006 (Tue), 16:50

Are you an English teacher? I never woulda' guessed! :-)

Even my All Access pass doesn't seem to let me shoot from on stage for the big talent, sigh.

It is the smoke machines that protect the highlights. That and my 8.5 fps, of course.

René Damkot
25th of January 2006 (Wed), 11:31
Hmm. On the collage I see 'jumping heads' again. And a *very* distracting logo (draws more attention then the pics).
I like the first two shots (specially the 2nd) (but would adjust WB on those to get rid of the purple skintone (mostly on the first)).
Groupshot I probabely wouldn't have taken (doesn't do it for me: too widespread), last two individuals could do with some cropping IMHO.
The lighting looks pretty shabby for Casino standards, or is it just me?

25th of January 2006 (Wed), 12:30
Another very enjoyable set Dwight! Nowt wrong with the pics as far as I can see... the subject matter might not be the best though :)

I will have to think about what I might do to get an "unusual" perspective or two. :-)How about a fisheye remote at the bottom of the mic stand???

Talking of remotes... saw this and thought of you:


---- Gavin

25th of January 2006 (Wed), 12:49
Rene, yes, the logo is marvelous ... again, very limited shooting time constrains my creativity but you are correct about the esthetics.

The color casts are very tricky. I sometimes do some correction. However, it seems as though so much of the information is contained in the strong colored lights that when I begin to color correct very much I lose a lot of detail, particularly with the magenta-like tones. My Fuji S2 Pro did not have nearly this much of a problem in this area, but it just couldn't do the overall job.

As for the overall lighting, this seems to happen to the Opening Acts ... they never get good lighting ... all part of the warm-up and pecking order I think. Makes the headliner look good even before they start playing!

25th of January 2006 (Wed), 12:50
Gavin, I will have a look. I may get to do some interesting things as I seem to be gathering a bit of a reputation which may make the performers a bit more amenable to unconstraining me. We'll see!:-)

René Damkot
25th of January 2006 (Wed), 14:01
Some curves in photoshop: R:228/231; G: 221/226; B: 230/220
Not quite there, but more pleasant IMHO.

27th of January 2006 (Fri), 20:07
Yes, whiter certainly, and "more pleasant", but less how it really looked I think. Truth to tell, I like it better but I don't think the "fans" really notice. You do have a keen eye, Rene, and I always appreciate your critique, so, thank you.

7th of February 2006 (Tue), 12:30
I am pleased to announce that Average White Band has just agreed to purchase some of my images for their PR use. I am charging a pittance (the casino has already paid me well to shoot them) and it is my first sale to a top tier group.

We also agreed that when they return to the casino we will do a full scale shoot.

7th of February 2006 (Tue), 12:33
yep - logos look much more balanced here..... I see what you were talking about. Congrats on the sale...!

23rd of February 2006 (Thu), 12:10
Mark, just catching up on old unanswered comments ... thanks, yes, I am going to have to consider changing the font of the "digital imagery" to Arial like the name so that it is more easily legible.