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29th of January 2006 (Sun), 20:45
Well i'm farely new to this board and also farely new to the whole SLR scene. I have been messing around a little bit with my camera, but not as much i would have hoped. Critique please. :D



29th of January 2006 (Sun), 21:13
It's a technically pretty good shot. In focus, maybe slightly overexposed but not much, fills the frame, no problems technically speaking.

Critique wise, the first shot leaves me wondering why you would pick such a subject. It's a shoe yes, but what about it? The background is not a good choice as well. Overall, I don't find the shot too interesting even though technique wise, I suppose it's fine.

The second shot, you've focussed in on something interesting which is a big improvement. There's too much unfocussed space in the foreground though, which doesn't work for me.

Nice first attempt

29th of January 2006 (Sun), 21:33
with the first shot, i wasn't really thinking of a background, just the shoe itself.

with the second shot, i was trying to make it so it looks like it's focusing only on one "i love you".


30th of January 2006 (Mon), 21:23

i agree with eltwitcho on the background, just a sheet of white paper would instantly enhance this.

ive had similar ideas...! stuck in my room doing work, end up getting distracted taking pics of everyday objects every time!. - http://photography-on-the.net/forum/showthread.php?t=130853

anyway.. more importantly, welcome to the forum! i've learned so much here, stick around:)