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30th of January 2006 (Mon), 06:55
Do you guys offer engagment prints as part of a wedding package, as an add-on or not at all? I have done them once, mostly just out of interest for the reception venue. But, I had a bride-to-be call me last night (late on a sunday night) and all she said was, "when can we get some engagement shots done." ....mind you, she has not ordered a wedding package or even met with me to discuss a wedding. At first, I was ready to dismiss her as a potential client, but then I wondered why she was thinking along these lines. Do a lot of you other wedding guys do engagement shoots as a sort of pre-consultation thing?


30th of January 2006 (Mon), 08:52
Right now I offer an engagement session with a complimentary 8x10. It helps build my portrait portfolio (and hopefully attract families and seniors), plus folks like "free" add ons. In the one engagement session I did, the groom's parents bought prints, so it's an additional opportunity for selling when you proof online. It's a little extra work, but may be worth it.

30th of January 2006 (Mon), 09:01
Daniel, I do offer engagment prints both as a stand alone package and included with a wedding package. Most other photographers so the same. I have 4 wedding packages and one engagement package. The engagement package is $250 CND and includes 50 4x6 proofs, 4 5x7, 2 8X12 , 1 11x14 mounted and all the orginal and enhanced images on DVD. My wedding packages range from $750.00 to $1500.00 and only the $1500.00 package has the engagement session thrown in as a bonus. I guess I look at is as an incentive for the client to choose my most expensive package. The wedding package just under the $1500.00 one is $1200.00. It covers the same amount of time at the wedding however they do not get the 30 print 8x12 album ($200) the engagement session ($250) and a 16x20 ($100) print mounted as they would with the $1500.00 package.

I think that you should call this potential client and give her a price for the shoot. Maybe she want to see you work before she books with you. I you have different packages and she chooses your most expensive you can always tell her afterwards that the engagement session was thrown in. If she likes you work and her engagement photos she should be very excited knowing that she just saved X amount of money. I hope this helps you out. Good luck with this client.:rolleyes:

30th of January 2006 (Mon), 15:27
Thanks. I think what I'll do, is call her back and offer to meet with her like I would with any other potential wedding client. Then, if she decides to book with me I'll do the engagement shoot and just charge for the # of prints she wants from it. If she just wants to see my work before she books, she is welcome to my portfolios. ;)

I think maybe I will offer an engagement package as an add-on sometime in the future though.