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31st of January 2006 (Tue), 11:49
I'd been waiting for some snow for these historical houses in my home town. Then we got 8" over night. ;)




31st of January 2006 (Tue), 12:47
They're all great shots but I like the 1st one the best :)

31st of January 2006 (Tue), 13:01
I prefer #1 also ...

31st of January 2006 (Tue), 13:09
I also prefer #1, can we clone out that little sign in the front yard?

BTW, awesome shots!

Curtis N
31st of January 2006 (Tue), 13:50
I love these, Frank.
How did you get the sky so blue?

31st of January 2006 (Tue), 14:07
Amazing what a difference turning the house around does (No.1 and 3) to the picture composition. I'm with the others, I prefer No. 1 because it has a good foreground too, and is more interesting to look at. Nice houses too!

31st of January 2006 (Tue), 14:07
great shots frank of lovely historic homes.the first 2 i could almost swear i have seen them here in the monroe area.the last one i have never seen one like that,but really cool though

31st of January 2006 (Tue), 16:31
Great shots, especially #1!

Ricko of Fla
31st of January 2006 (Tue), 18:02
I love them all they look great to me > I rather look at them than be there from MY warm aboud in Fla BURRRRR.

31st of January 2006 (Tue), 18:13
Thanks everyone. The 1st is my favorite, too.

The sky just "was" Curtis, (No polarizer) but the kit lens at the wide end helps the bright blue effect. The wider the lens, the more pronounced the effect. It probably helped that the snowfall had cleaned all the crud out of the air! ;)
I did darken the top of the 1st one in PS, but not all that much.

Clone out the "Historical houses" sign, Savone? I suppose you could if you'd like. It doesn't bother me that much.

Jeff, there may be a house like that in Monroe. I don't expect that there were that many guys with that much talent building them back then, so he probably worked by commission & moved around a lot.

31st of January 2006 (Tue), 19:06
Classic americana...

Great shots...

31st of January 2006 (Tue), 19:25
wow so nice wish it snowed here

1st of February 2006 (Wed), 04:11
wow so nice wish it snowed here

lol - wait for winter - drive south!

Great shots, Frank

1st of February 2006 (Wed), 09:38
Classic americana... Yeah, that's my home town, stuck in the dark ages! ;) And why I'm "from there". It's major claims to fame are that it's the geographical center of the lower penninsula, & where the PCB disaster started in the '80s.
Thanks for the comments, everyone!

1st of February 2006 (Wed), 09:57

beautiful pictures

the snow makes the scene just magic, like houses in a fairytale story setting
also the lovely shadows from the trees scattered acoss the snow , all add to the special appearance

1st of February 2006 (Wed), 13:46
First one is excellent. Exposure and white balance is absolutely perfect

1st of February 2006 (Wed), 22:49
we have a few similar homes here in Montreal as well. i guess i should snap a couple pics. they arent going anywhere soon though, they are Historical houses here as well and as such the owners cannot alter the exterior look of them

1st of February 2006 (Wed), 23:55
Absolutely stunning, I wish there were buiding like that in Australia but there's nothing!!! I think I need to move country :P Awesome pictures, I'm very jealous!

2nd of February 2006 (Thu), 13:23
See, thats why I live in AK...I hate large popluation areas...LOL

Skip Souza
2nd of February 2006 (Thu), 17:39
Beautiful Frank, just beautiful.

2nd of February 2006 (Thu), 17:44
Wow, straight off a Christmas movie. Lovely scene. Lovely exposure.

How long does the snow last?

3rd of February 2006 (Fri), 08:16
Thanks again, everyone! See, thats why I live in AK...I hate large popluation areas...LOL It's love/hate for me. I can get anything I want within a half-hour drive here, but I'm just one in a million. There, everyone knew you.
At home, when I was about 13, I walked into a (the only) bank & said "I'd like to borrow $600". The teller said, "Do you want it in cash or in your account?
OTOH, once was driving out of town & then returned home for something about 10 minutes later. Mom said, "I hear you were driving west out of town?" :D So it was pretty hard for a teenager to get away with anything. How long does the snow last? For pics like those, you have a narrow window before the walks are shoveled & the streets are plowed. 8" might last the Winter, or only a few days. 130 miles south of there I could see my grass when I returned because it had rained.

3rd of February 2006 (Fri), 09:39
Lovely shots Frank. You really nailed the exposure on the fresh snow. Did you do any exposure compensating (+ 1.2 stop maybe)?

3rd of February 2006 (Fri), 12:47
Beautiful pictures Frank, I think number 1 is best, good use of the trees and other surroundings for your frame.