View Full Version : Scotty Emerick in Concert, June 8th, 2004 at the Maverick Saloon

5th of February 2006 (Sun), 00:46
This is one of my favorite Maverick Saloon Project concerts ... Scotty is an amazing guy to start with but somehow he is magical through the lens. And he has a sense of humor and is a performer to boot. So, here you go ...








I think these pictures were picked up by his official fansite. Please feel free to edit and post, comment, yada yada .... :lol:

5th of February 2006 (Sun), 00:49
lookin good Dwight!!!

5th of February 2006 (Sun), 00:52
Wow, Cyb, you're right on it tonight! Nice to hear from you. I sent Taylor's parents a note today but haven't heard back ... and may not ... if I don't then I will call them when we get up to Morro Bay. I have just finished printing off four of my favorite casino collages in the 11 x 17" size to put in the expensive frames I bought to mount over my home office desk so I can dare shoot another picture without being assaulted over having very blank walls! :-)

René Damkot
7th of February 2006 (Tue), 09:11
Only thing I can comment on: #3 is too wide-angly for my taste. Rest is fine.

7th of February 2006 (Tue), 09:28
Rene, yes, but I somehow managed to get the drummers face in and well lighted so I couldn't resist.

7th of February 2006 (Tue), 11:41
Hey Dwight... lovely shots as usual. I am amazed at how much your logo distracts....I understand why you did it...but .... I think it is mostly the camera box thingie. I do think you did a great job capturing the intimacy of the venue. I really want to get to do some more of this stuff, but so far I only have 1 event on my book.

Keep sharing.

7th of February 2006 (Tue), 11:46
I really like #3 because it's different than your usual telephoto shots. Not that I don't like them too but variety is the spice of life!

7th of February 2006 (Tue), 11:53
Mark, yes, I agree about the logo ... but, among other things I discovered that there were quite a few links to my pictures from other websites, many of which are apparently "pay for" or membership ventures and I can't see how they are used. I thought about replacing the images with some major advertising or messages but I do not want to do that. I also recognize that the logos are larger on these 500 pixel images than on the 1000 pixel images from the casino, but when I make the logo smaller it is totally illegible ... and I am not redoing the logo to work with these images. :-) I just built a favicon for my website that uses the circle within the triangle with a red slash and I am trying to keep everything consistent. Within a couple of weeks I should have personalized polo shirts with my logo for my "team". Next year I will do baseball caps! :-)

7th of February 2006 (Tue), 12:02
Understood. One of the Athletic Directors of one of the schools I shoot for asked if he could replace the name in the Photo by section of their web postings to a link to my site. I thought more exposure, the better... and yes the hit rate has gone threw the roof... but it has me rethinking how and what I put on my site. I have no watermark or anything on the images because the only people who knew about the site were people I have business relationships with. In some ways I don't care if the students poach some of the shots because I am not allowed to sell to students by the NCAA anyway. More stuff to think of .... and let me know when the DwightMcCann web store opens... I will get in line to buy my groupie ware. Cheers.

15th of May 2006 (Mon), 19:27
I just caught some guy on eBay using my images to sell his products: concert tickets! He was using two images from this set! I'm thinking of replacing the images with a "This Image Was Stolen From .... Do Not Trust This Person" image when I find this pointing my actual website to a new image name.