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6th of February 2006 (Mon), 23:03
Hi All,

Wondering what the most common ISO setting used for indoor shots at weddings, eg. the signing of the marriage licence, and candid shots of family and friends at the church and later at the reception? All I have it 2.8 from 24-200mm - so can't get any faster glass because I've got no more money! :)

I've looked at 1600 and even 3200 on occasion, but shied away from it as I want a nice shot...but wind up getting no shot at all...

I've also tried 1/60th and find this is not really quick enough to feeze action completely, so should I be looking at 80/100/125?

Suggestions much appreciated! :)

6th of February 2006 (Mon), 23:11
i wouldn't go 3200 with 20D 1600 is fine for prints if you dont underexpose.

is your 200mm IS or do you have a tripod? if you answered no to both then you need at least 1/2-300th TV if you are using a tripod or IS, you should be ok with 1/60th IMO If you don't feel comfortable then bump it up.. but remember to be careful underexposing at 1600

6th of February 2006 (Mon), 23:32
depends on lighting. Sometimes 800, 1600, 400 sometimes.

7th of February 2006 (Tue), 01:02
Whatever you need to get the shot!

7th of February 2006 (Tue), 01:13
Whatever you need to get the shot!

I wouldn't go 3200 with a 20D

7th of February 2006 (Tue), 01:23
A use whatever ISO I need to get the shot too. There's no point taking a shot if it's blurry because of subject movement or camera shake, but noise is fine. Most prints I sell for this part of the day are 6x4, ISO3200 looks perfect at that size.

I know a 100% crop looks noisy, I wonder what print size that would correspond to. Can anyone be bothered working it out?

7th of February 2006 (Tue), 12:36
400 with flash and 800 w/o

7th of February 2006 (Tue), 12:59
it really isnt the noise as much as the banding

7th of February 2006 (Tue), 13:04
I second the motion - I use flash with everything (bounce, direct, diffuse, and especially fill for outdoors) and find that 400 suits my purposes just fine. If the church is too dark, I simply use a tripod to assist.

400 with flash and 800 w/o

7th of February 2006 (Tue), 16:36
1600 may not be ideal, but in less than ideal conditions, you may not get away with going much lower. If you have an opportunity to visit the site beforehand, it would be worth going just to meter the light and see where you're going to end up.
I've been really surprised at how well the 20D does @ 1600, and my feeling is that a bit of noise is better than no shot at all. Plus, w/ noise filters, you can mitigate some of that without losing too much detail.

7th of February 2006 (Tue), 16:39
it really isnt the noise as much as the banding

I haven't noticed any banding on either of my 20D's. Are you on the latest firmware?

7th of February 2006 (Tue), 16:48
yes I am on the latest firmware

7th of February 2006 (Tue), 16:54
Odd. If you post a sample shot i'll try and replicate your settings (iso, what's in the frae etc) and see if either of my cameras do it.

7th of February 2006 (Tue), 17:03
Well, sometimes you have no choice but to crank up the ISO. I rather get the shot with some grain than to not get it. A good exposed image has less grain than a underexposed image with 800 ISO. So.... I use the ISO that's needed and if the grain is too obvious, I use Noise Ninja to reduce some of it.

7th of February 2006 (Tue), 17:04
tim this is a common occurrence and well known issue with the 20D.. shoot anything in low light at 3200 and look at the image..

I was specifically responding to your comment about 3200 not being that noisy.. I said that it isn't the amount of noise that is the problem but the noise pattern.. it is not film-like,, it comes more horizontally banded

7th of February 2006 (Tue), 17:08
Yeah I know what you meant. I've never noticed banding from my 20D's, and i've shot ISO3200 @ F1.4. I'll take a closer look tonight, but if I didn't notice it already it's probably not too bad on my cameras.

7th of February 2006 (Tue), 17:14
well I have to agree with Tim, I shoot what ever it takes up to and including 3200 for indoor sports, during wedding...etc. If you have a correct exposure 4x6's and 5x7's no problem, I run noise ninja with 8X10's and larger with very acceptable results. The key is exposure.. Kawter2 is right on with the comment don't underexpose..

no banding here that I've noticed...